The One-Hitter – Cut Down SZN

This is the One-Hitter, don’t forget to exhale.


Labor Day weekend is a signal to the end of summer (fuck your calendar designations) and the beginning of Football season.  The past few days have been Cut Down SZN for NFL rosters and as I watch twitter light up with marginal, has-been talent, I haven’t once been inclined to say “THE BEARS SHOULD SIGN THAT GUY!!!”  You know why?  Because the Bears are actually fucking good these days and they don’t need these junky mufuckas.  They don’t need to bring in Player X who is way past his prime, but has a chance to be an upgrade over whatever undrafted free agent currently occupies that position.  Them days is over.


*Looks glaringly over at the White Sox*


I yearn for the day that an AJ Reed becomes available and I don’t think, “YES, this is a good idea, or WHAT DO THE WHITE SOX HAVE TO LOSE?”  It’s not just the losing that makes a rebuild bad, it’s the fact that nearly everyone else’s trash looks good to you.  It’s like when your self-esteem is down and you’re out there dating and any random potential mate looks good.  It isn’t until you get your shit together that you can really focus in and get the match you deserve.  That’s our White Sox right now.  I’d like that to be over.  Let’s be the Bears, let’s be better than this.


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