Music with Chorizy – Tripping Daisy

With the Rangers in town, I thought I’d bring you a band from Texas. Now, you might have seen the title and said “I know this band, they’re the I Got A Girl band”. Indeed they are, a certifiable one hit wonder. But stopping at that track is where you’ve gone wrong.

I mean, I like that song, it’s a fun track and has an incredibly mid-90s style video:

But the band has some really great stuff, which I’ve added to the playlist: Stick around through the 9 minute song Prick for some tremendous guitar work. One of the things I really enjoy about them is that some of their songs are longer tracks that change mood from start to finish and those are broken up by really solid pop-rock tracks. You may have heard of the band most of them moved onto after Tripping Daisy, which is the Polyphonic Spree. If not, you’ve probably at least heard them on various soundtracks.

What you might not know is that their lead guitarist/keyboardist Wes Berggren died in 1999 as they were finishing what would be their last album. There was a track that still needed electric piano that Wes would have provided, so Wes’s father stepped in and played a Fender Rhodes on Soothing Jubilee. That’s a story that I’ve always found both heartbreaking and heartwarming.


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