Music with Chorizy – Terrible Spaceship

Since we have a guest this week, we won’t have our regular segments, so I figured I would do my music section in blog form. This actually affords me the opportunity to tell you about a band that is a little more difficult to describe without video. So I present to you Terrible Spaceship.

Self described as “Chicago’s finest retro-futurist dance band. As far as we know, anyway.” They perform live as a 7 piece band in front of a video screen that they play along to. I recently saw them play at the Planetarium for Adler After Dark and it was awesome. Not to mention how great it is to drink in the Planetarium and nobody is mad about it. They did an entire set to the War of the Worlds radio broadcast.

That’s the best I can describe it, so instead of taking my word, check out a video of a full set. Hopefully you dig it, and hopefully I’ll see you at one of their shows.


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