One-Hitter – AJ Preller does it again

This is the One-Hitter, don’t forget to exhale.

Apologies for writing lots of shorties lately, but with most of my focus on the #108Tourney and the podcast, I am just getting back into writing again, sometimes the ideas only come in little spurts and starts.


Sooooooooooo…….it looks like AJ Preller is going to promote Fernando Tatis, Jr. to the Padres to start the season.  We’ve all talked a lot about Tatis Jr.  I don’t think we need to revisit that misery.  What I think is interesting is Preller’s reticence to play service time games when every analyst with an internet connection is telling you that this is how you have to do business.  LOLZ!!!!  AJ Preller is once again showing you that when everyone else zigs, it’s time to zag.  Back a few months ago I took a look at the opposite paths that Hahn and Preller took with regards to their International Penalties.  I’m still not sure which path is best, in fact, for each organization, those paths are probably best for them individually, which might be the most important conclusion.  With that being said, what AJ Preller is doing is not some random act of kindness.  Think about it.  If you play in the International markets A LOT and have built your farm system materially in that fashion, a market that is constantly getting more competitive, how do you gain an additional edge?  Well, one way you might do it, is to show the Players, Parents and Buscons (street agents) that you will promote on merit and will not play games with service time and defer the Players’ ability to earn money in the big leagues.  It’s just business, but it benefits everyone, imagine that.


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