2019 Season Win Bets

Last year, I gave you 5 Season Win Bets, for recreational purposes of course…..

AND….we went 5-0, so I figured it would be a disservice if I didn’t dig around the interwebs, check the betting lines and toss you some of my favorite season win totals.  We’ll do 5 only because we like the number 5 here in the 108……Giddy UP!!


Chicago Cubs over 87.5 Wins


Much has been made of the improvements made by the other teams in the division and Milwaukee’s majestic run last year, but lets be honest with ourselves, the Cubs stunk and won 95 games last year.  They got half Kris Bryant year, they sent down 36% strike out rate hitting Ian Happ and hey, they might even get a few innings out of Yu Darvish this season.  I expect the Cubs to stomp out the rest of the division despite places like PECOTA projecting 79 wins or whatever the fuck.

Cincinnati Reds under 78.5 Wins


The Reds made like 9 trades over the winter to get them a reasonably neat-o over the summer.  They even got Puig and I fucking love Puig.  One problem, their pitching still pretty much stinks.  Alex Wood #RIPIP his arm and Sonny Gray are supposed to be the reinforcements….meh.

Baltimore Orioles under 58.5 Wins


They won 47 games last year and went out of their way to get worse.  I understand it is tough to bet under a really low total like 58.5, but this is a seriously bad team, that will be looking to get worse if possible.  I’d be shocked if Mychal Givens spends the final two months of the season in Baltimore.  Also, I’m apt to bet against the O’s or any other fucking Baltimore team given the way they did Prop Joe.

Kansas City Royals over 69.5 Wins


You can probably find this at plus odds or at 69 or 68.5 some places, but we’ll use the higher number just to be fair on grading me.  The Royals improved their team speed tremendously in the off-season, they also improved their defense a ton by grabbing up Billy Hamilton and putting him in CF and Martin Maldonado behind the dish.  They also have ridonkulous power in this lineup, with O’Hearn, Soler and Duda…..and I haven’t even mentioned the upstart Adalberto Mondesi.  I think the Royals will be decent for a rebuilding team, and most definitely 70 wins or betta.


San Diego Padres under 78.5 Wins


I know they got Manny Machado, but they are also tossing out a big heaping pile of very young pitching and that generally takes awhile to get it’s proverbial shit together.  I’m also betting on bullpen regression since they traded Hand and Cimber and the Padres can’t always have historically good bullpens.


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