#108Tourney Bracket Challenge

Welcome, it’s your old pal BeefLoaf…..after a long night of broadcasting our YouTube special bracket reveal for the #108Tourney and then discussing the match-ups long form in the FromThe108 Podcast….and of course #108ing (did you hear Chorizy’s crazy ass fucking trade idea at the end of the podcast), I have stumbled out of the gates this morning towards getting this blog post out to all of yous.  #108ing is a lifestyle.

Anywho, we hate that we can only have 65 participants in the actual tournament, which is why we want to make sure EVERYONE, yes, EVERYONE can get involved in the #108Tourney, so we bring you, the #108Tourney Bracket Challenge.

Here’s your instructions to get involved……

1 – It’s easy, print out the beautiful bracket below, styled by our very own MySoxSummer (Click On Image To Download)


2 – Fill out that bracket soup to nuts (so to speak)


3 – Take a picture of said bracket, TWEET said picture, tag @fromthe108, and use hashtag #108tourney

Just like this, but so we can read it.

4 – ???????

5 – Profit (probably, top 3 will get prizes of some sort, which will half enrich you and half help MySoxSummer clean out his basement. Rumor is a strictly limited Daniel Palka autographed print is top prize).


A couple of notes…..

A) The Final Four matchups are CELEBS BRACKET vs BLOGGER/PODCAST BRACKET and 108 BRACKET vs SUPER FAN BRACKET, that stuff was sort of lost in MSS version of this beautifully designed bracket

B) Here is the scoring system we shall use for each rounds correct selections.

Round 1 – 1 pt

Round 2 – 2 pts

Round 3 – 3 pts

Round 4 – 4 pts

Round 5 – 6 pts

Round 6 – 10 pts

Have all brackets posted by Noon CST on Friday, otherwise yous is ineligible.

Good luck!

-BeefLoaf & The Boys

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