BeefLoaf’s 4 most hated Sports teams

Inspired by this tweet question from the big homey Soxsupporter, I bring you my 4 most hated Sports teams (by sport).

Hated Franchises



The 1980’s Green Bay Packers


I know the Bears fucking dominated the Packers in the 1980’s, but the Forrest Gregg / Charles Martin Packers, the ones that effectively ended the Bears reign in 1986 by body slamming Jim McMahon, yea, those fucking Packers.  Fuck them!  I don’t think I have watched a more reprehensible group of goons try to organize themselves as a professional sports team.  Reading Martin’s wiki page, it appears he was out of football shortly after these shenanigans




The 1980’s Detroit Pistons


Back before everyone widely recognized Jordan as the GOAT, he would annually run into these fucking Pistons teams and they’d beat the shit out of him and the Jordanaires.  As a man of 40 years of age, I routinely lolololol when people say “but Jordan never lost in the FINALS”, yes, this is true, he also got cock blocked from advancing in the playoffs for many, many years by teams like the Celtics and Pistons so it’s kind of a fake argument.  The Pistons were not only a historically great team that got derailed by Isiah Thomas’ achilles, but they were also a historically hateable team.  Most of you probably remember Rodman in a Bulls uni, but he was a sonuvabitch with the Pistons, Rick Mahorn, Spider Salley, fuck, even Dumars and Isiah were pinche cabrons.  All of these fuckers were nothing compared to Bill Laimbeer.  I recently saw a gif / montage of 80’s basketball, showing all of these fights and rough plays and 75% of them were Bill Laimbeer.  Fuck, if I saw Laimbeer in the street right now, I wouldn’t hesitate to run him over with my car.  Hate the fucking Pistons!!!


The 1990’s Pittsburgh Penguins


I know Jaromir Jagr is a legend for being like 58 years old and still playing and banging 19 year old chicks and not giving a fuck, but these Penguins blocked the Roenick / Chelios / Belfour Blackhawks from a Cup.  I’m not a hockey guy, and around this time the Bulls were starting their dominance, so the Blackhawks were playing second fiddle, but this was still must watch TV at the time.  Anywho, Super Mario and Jagr face fucked the Blackhawks in those finals.  I still hate thinking about their long greasy sweaty mullets.


The Minnesota Twinks


There is no sports franchise that I can more easily extend my fucking middle finger at than the Minnesota Twinks. Fuck Tom Kelly and Ron Gardenhire, fuck Justin Morneau and Kirby Puckett, fuck Brian Dozier and Nick Punto, fuck Torii Hunter and Michael Cuddyer, fuck Johan Santana and Joe Nathan, fuck Carlos Gomez and Jason Kubel.  I fucking hate the Twinks.


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