108 Polls – The City Jersey Battle

Back in the day the topic came up on our new podcast about the White Sox trotting out the retro jerseys all the time. It was also discussed that the players’ weekend jerseys were trash compared to the 2019 NBA city jerseys. Our guy ‘Loaf ran a poll asking the folks what jersey they would like in the 2019 campaign. With no shock to MSS, the Sox fans came through and picked a retro jersey over a city one. ‘Loaf then took the “Steve Jobs Approach” that you folks don’t know what you want ’til you see it. So a drunk MSS boasted that we’d do a battle. He got two of our favorite Twitter graphic designers to submit an entry(s) and even MSS got in the game too. The stage was set for greatness.

Having got his degree in Art (B.A. mofos) from THEE Northern Illinois University and having sat through many art critiques where he bullshitted how “deep” his strongly pornographic art was, MSS has added his comments. Like he’s a professional or some shit.

We give you the 2019 WHITE SOX CITY JERSEY BATTLE!

1st Up – JeffMugs (@jeffmugs)

Jeff’s Take –  With mine, I tried to think of something iconic that everyone from Chicago would recognize, so I did the Hancock design.

MSS Take – Let me just say that the subtle John Hancock Tower reference is fucking dope. As is the Sox silhouette on the black version. Details, I fucking love them. I like the use of the old logos and obviously the Chicago flag colors and elements. Nothing screams Chicago more than that.

Next @soxon35th‘s own B-Son (@bson)

MSS Take – Pants on fucking point. Those are dope AF. I like the use of the late 80’s early 1990 jersey cursive C. Obviously the Chicago flag colors and elements are working well in this version too. And in true BSon fashion, this fucker is complete and looks legit. I mean shoelaces? You slay Bson.

And finally @fromthe108‘s MSS (@mysoxsummer)

MSS Take – So, admittedly, I took a way different approach. I also took FOREVER. These guys cracked theirs out in a matter of days. My original concept was using the White Sox road jersey “Chicago” script but have it say “South Side”. Work that in 3 layers, stack the flag colors, on a black jersey. However no matter how I hard I tried, it just didn’t work. So for some reason Kanye’s “Homecoming” (which was a fave when I was west coastin’) was up in my head so this is what popped out.

I tend to stay kinda minimal, so that is what you see. Subtle blue use, mainly using the red, black and white. Stars used and I brought back the Sox diamond patch that I was a huge fan of on the aways. There could even be an up north version for the Crosstown Classic. I don’t know, I’d like to see these get made for sure.

So Go Vote!

Starting Wednesday (1/16) we are gonna put up a poll(s) and you guys can vote for one of these entries or one of the old retro jerseys. Your call!  Plus maybe ‘Loaf is right, yous don’t know what yous want till you see it. Also, for any designer / artist out there (Zach from New Sox Order, looking your way) that wants to mock up their own version PLEASE FUCKING DO! Tweet it at us and we’ll put ya in the battle!

Special thanks to Jeff and BSon. We appreciate the help and you guys knocked it out the park. Next up, 108 Jersey Design Contest!



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