The White Sox player polls – Pitchers

Good day friends, we continue on our review of the White Sox 2018 review with our players polls, voted on by the fans, with comments from the fans….let’s do dis!!


Dylan Covey

The Fans….


BeefLoaf’s Take – I voted with the fans.  The performance was volatile and if you squint hard enough, you can see a potential future multi-inning reliever with some effectiveness.  As a former rule 5 pick, maybe it should be a little more than meh, but it’s still all speculative right now.

Jace Fry

The Fans…..


BeefLoaf’s Take – I voted with the fans.  The guy looks like a good bullpen arm, I’m surprised I still know what one looks like after watching the 2018 White Sox, but I’m happy I do.

Carlos Rodon

The Fans…….


BeefLoaf’s Take – I voted “Meh” because to me, this looked like all of the other Carlos Rodon seasons, he has flashes where he looks amazing, he has flashes where he can’t find the plate and inevitably he misses some time and at the end of the year, he has what looks like a middle of the rotation starters numbers.  It’s fine, I just can’t get excited about that.

Lucas Giolito

The Fans…….


BeefLoaf’s Take – I voted with the fans ldo.  21% Encouraged has me like…..



Reynaldo Lopez

The Fans………


BeefLoaf’s Take – I voted with the fans.  He weathered all of the storms, he battled through bouts of ineffectiveness and he came out of it all with a very strong finish, where the strike outs starting showing up.  He’s the best pitcher on this staff and I would give him the ball on Opening Day in Kansas City late next March.


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