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Good day friends, it’s your old pal BeefLoaf…..I’m going to pour a drink, so I suggest you do the same.  Alright, that’s better.  In the past 6 weeks or so, we have seen the meteoric rise of one former first round pick (number tree overall) Carlos Rodon.  I’ve read ad nausem all of the various “conclusions” as to why Carlos has taken this NEXT STEP, some say it is simply health, others say pitch mix, control, yada, yada, (btw, I did yada, yada over the best part)…..the 108ers don’t know baseball THAT well to tell you what amount those things matter, but what we can tell you is that there is one unmeasured factor (at least by the masses) that matters….more than most things…..first, a definition. 

Ride or Die

 Ashley Rodon is “Ride or Die” for her husband Carlos…..this much we know….here is proof

Rodon 1
Rodon 2
Rodon 3
Rodon 4

The human factor is routinely discarded in critical analysis of sports, mostly because it is difficult to determine and when it is used it is often ambiguous type stuff like mentoring and clubhouse leadering and other such stuff.  It is rare that discussions of actual positive personal life items enter into the fold and what effect it might have on performance.  In this case, we don’t know exactly either, but we have a player at a cross roads in his career, and clear evidence of wonderful, beautiful support by a spouse.  Maybe this is me reverse engineering a narrative, but I would think it has to have some effect on performance.  We’ve all been there, only our significant other still believing in us when we are down and almost out.  Is that what we are seeing in Carlos Rodon’s resurgence?  I don’t know for sure, but I want to believe it! 

Ashley, thanks for bringing us White Sox twitter folks something fun, funny and beautiful every five days.  You are a bright spot in a mostly dark season.  Oh and watching Carlos kick some fucking ass is great too!!  Cheers!!!


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