The White Sox Twitter Power Rankings #2

The White Sox Twitter Power Rankings #2

AND WE ARE BACK for some reason I was asked to do this again by my #108ing pals. Taking a different approach this time, instead of writing something about everyone making the list we’re gonna give you some of their tweets that made me think ‘hmmm they should really be on the list’. Sooo without wasting too much time, sit back, relax and strap it down because the second edition of the White Sox Twitter Power Rankings are coming at ya! Oh by the way, we’ve added 5 positions to the Rankings making that a grand total of 15 chances for YOU to make the list. LEGGGOOOO

#15 Sox Nerd (@Soxnerd)




Shoutout Sox Nerd for heading to DC for the all star game! Also having the best player name puns in the league!

#14 Jim Margalus (@Soxmachine)




What Jim has done with Sox Machine is truly impressive! Assembling a solid team of bloggers and content creators is not easy. Stay tuned for more Sox Machine personalities.

#13 Jonnie Nonnie (@Nonniejonnie)





 #13 in the Power Rankings, #1 Leury Garcia fanboy Jonnie did a great job with the sox on 35th/108/barstool/sox mafia/white sox/city of chicago/NW Indiana tailgate!

#12 Sox-Side Pride (@Pittsshady)




 #11 Donald Trump (@Chisoxtrump)



  #10 Patrick Nolan (@Soxmach_pnoles)

image032                                               image034



 #9 Brandon Anderson (@B_son4)




Happy birthday to the kid as well the big 17!

#8 (Dear friend of WSD) Rick Hahn (@Notrickhahn)






#7 Barstool White Sox Dave (@BarstoolWSD)







#6 Gabriel (@Bearstownsox35)





#5 Ali (@Aliwhitesox)






#4 Kenny Williams (@NotKenWilliams)                                      






#3 (Frequent 108er) Daniel Palka





#2 Herb Lawrence (@Ecnerwal)





And the number one member of White Sox twitter for July 2018 is……



Congratulations @Kenwo4life!












The Real number one member of White Sox Twitter for July is……..



Chris Tannehill (@Christannehill)


– BennyBaseball

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