The White Sox Conundrum

The other day/night (kinda all run together these days) I was reading the internets and seeing a lot of angry comments from our White Sox brethren. Since my first time getting elevated back in the early 90’s with my neighbor (where I didn’t really get high, but saw someone get really high and eat everything in her house) I have always looked for a deeper meaning or a different view of my current situation. Or maybe I got that from watching American Beauty a few too many times. Look Closer. I don’t know really, I like drinking too much to care. So anyways, while going through all these angry people’s comments I thought about what will these folks complain about when this team is good? And well, let me tell ya….


I have written before about how it is a great time to go to White Sox games. They basically give away tickets, they have cheap food options, plenty of room, all that shit. The game going experience is at 100%, it really is. I rarely wait in line for anything which is dope AF. If you don’t mind watching your team lose 3 outta 4 times, it’s really, really great. But the upside to all this losing is when they do win, the place goes nuts! It’s quite a fun time.


I would say that during my 7 seasons of having a ticket plan (started with an Ozzie plan, now I have a 40 game, but hit 76 games last year) the complaints have been getting angrier and angrier as the years go on. I think that is expected but the reasoning is 2 fold. 1- The Sox and the news affiliates have done an incredible job selling the prospects angle to the masses. So much so that if you don’t follow the team, you might think that they are actually good as they get a bunch of press. Had a guy tell me the other day how well he thought the Sox were doing. I almost fell down. Hype, while it is good for ticket sales, is not gonna help you win a game.


Reason 2 is that this team is really bad to watch. Fundamentals seem to be lacking, which I think you’d expect with a young team, but we aren’t used to seeing a team this bad. They are losing a lot, which seems to be wearing on the good player (Jose Abreu), as well as the fans. But folks, this is gonna take time. I would say 50% of our fans honestly thought this team would compete in 2018 (we in the 108 knew it would be the worst year of the rebuild and said so many times). As the season has evolved, the expectations of this team have dwindled. However that hasn’t quelled the anger.

Oh the good ol’ days.

Now, I get it, the anger usually comes from a good place. You want the team to do well, want to see your team on top again. I have bought into this rebuild and hope that it does as well as I think it can. I think we are really far away (at least 3 seasons before we are sniffing the playoffs), but I am fully invested. So let’s just assume that this team is good in 3 seasons, 2020 we contend for a Wild Card spot. Where will the anger be directed? Directly at the White Sox! For things that are really awesome right now.


Yep, you heard me. The guy who is complaining that Kopech isn’t up yet is gonna be the same guy who is complaining that he can’t get a cheap ticket for him and his son on a Saturday to see him pitch. The guy who wants Eloy up right now, will be mad that he can’t get the “Eloy Hits The Cycle” bobblehead when he shows up right before game time. Do you know how easy it is to go get the giveaways now? Really easy. Drunk kids on prom night easy.


People will complain about the prices, the parking, the traffic, the EVERYTHING! All these things are operating at 100% awesome level right now. And if you think it sucks now, GIVE UP, cause it will be worse when they compete again. You can park really close, you can get any ticket you want (for less than face usually), you never wait to take a piss, rarely wait for food, everything you need!

Folks, take advantage of this time and get out to the ballpark. I ain’t gonna shame you into it as I like my extra room, short lines, all that shit, but if you like the baseball game going experience it doesn’t really get much better than this. What more do you want? Oh, wins? Yeah, those aren’t available yet. Back ordered, expected to ship in 3 years.


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