The One-Hitter – Jose Canseco

With the “launch” of Cansecoin this week, I’ve had one of my all time favorite players on my mind.  And then all of the sudden, I saw him get lumped into “the over the hill guys” that the Sox love to sign.  Luckily, @KenWo4LiFe was there to jump in:

And he’s right!  You may remember it differently or you may just dislike Jose Canseco, but the guy had a nice, albeit, short season with the Sox.  In a mere 76 games, he cranked 16 HR and had an OBP of .366.  You can’t be out there messing the front of your pants over Matt Davidson and then hate on Jose Canseco for doing the same shit when he was 36.  If we brought in Jose Canseco today at age 53, he’d easily be the best hitter in our outfield.

Jose, any time you want to come hang in the 108, first round of PEDs are on us.


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