The One Hitter – What you missed LAST NIGHT!!!

This is your pal BeefLoaf and this is the One Hitter…..don’t forget to exhale.
Something that is becoming abundantly clear to us folks that are season ticket holders is that the fans aren’t coming out with the regularity that they used to, unless there is some special promotion or some shit.  As your friends, the 108ers believe it is only appropriate to let you know what you missed last night…….
SoxOn35th tailgate
The 108ers have been friends with the SoxOn35th crew from the beginning.  Great White Sox fans for sure as you can see from their great coverage of the team.  The man, the myth, the legend Johnnie Nonnie, who also joined us for the #SoxFest After Party meet up with SoxMachine, Loop Sports and the artist formerly known as SpoCo Radio, was the boss for this magic carpet ride, along with the already famous Matty Ice.  Lots of brews were drank and good times were had.  We even had “the Don” of White Sox twitter WhiteSoxDave show up and hang with the crew.  A great time was had by all, the first of many great tailgates by the SoxOn35th!
$1 Hot Dogs – Superstar
Everyone knows it was $1 Hot Dogs, but NOT everyone knew that our friends, the folks at NewSoxOrder (if you don’t know who NewSoxOrder is, the big homies Colin, Keir and Zach are about the funniest muthafuckas that the 108ers come upon during the entire season, so you’d be best to get to know them asap) had one of their crew attempting the impossible.  Ike Johnson (@ColinJOtt) was trying to eat 20….count em, 20 $1 hot dogs at the game tonight.  Whilst we were at the tailgate we were getting updates, he was off to a strong start of 10 before 1st pitch……then meat sweats…then, the rally………by the time the dust cleared, he had wolfed down a disgusting 18 dogs, falling just short of his goal.  Unreal!  We’d love to see Periscope proof of someone coming close to touching this amount of nitrate ingestion.
Dylan Covey’s great start
For all the shit we gave Dylan Covey last season, as a guy that was a Rule 5 pick and really wasn’t ready for the major leagues, he went down to the minors, worked on this game, grew a terrific stache and turned in a gem tonight.  Given his velocity, its more than likely that a Dylan Covey that can locate has a job in the majors as a back end of the rotation starter.  As critical as we are of Rich Hahn, if this guy turns into a 5th starter type, we are tipping our cap at him.
Adam Engel’s last stand
The White Sox have signed 2 outfielders in the last 36 hours, and in turn, Adam Engel went 4-4 tonight.  GFYZ!
Welington Castillo’s last AB for A WHILE…
News started to break on the twitter machine that Welington Castillo is going to get an 80 game PED suspension, fuck even Ken Rosenthal confirmed it.  The 108ers thought it cathartic to give him a standing ovation after his last at bat of the evening.  Sad, sad.
You see, this was just a regular old Wednesday and look at how much shit you missed out on by not being at the ballpark.  Don’t wait till the White Sox are good, there is tons of shit happening there RIGHT. DAMN. NOW. Tix are cheap and beers are plentiful so get your ass to the ballpark, and come down to the 108 to hang with us and be part of the next one of these.
– BeefLoaf

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