The One-Hitter – Adam Engel

Hi friends, it’s your pal BeefLoaf and this is the One-Hitter, don’t forget to exhale.  Pretty much the whole herd of us folks on White Sox twitter were intrigued at some point with the prospect of Adam Engel.  Last year’s near full-season audition was terrible at the plate (like Sinbad’s comedy terrible), but there seemed to be glimpses of elite speed and defense.  Supposedly, even some of the stat folks that measure defense thought Engel was the second coming of Byron Buxton in CF (I have a big internal belly laugh every time I think about that, just watching the two can make you realize how silly that sounded).  There was even promise of his putrid bat turning around, as there were “noticeable adjustments” that were trotted out in spring training.  The White Sox propaganda machine even made sure to have side-by-side video of last year’s terrible plate appearances and this year’s new and improved plate appearances.  Engel even managed to hit a little bit in the Cactus League (along with lots of other folks who won’t mean a damn to an MLB team this summer), putting all of White Sox twitter (or most, I know there are probably a few of you miserable fucks that weren’t intrigued, so don’t @ me) on the edge of their seat as to what might come of this quick twitch, young athlete.
Alas, we are here, 1 month into the season and we are seeing pretty much the same terrible hitting out of Engel that we watched all of last season.  Even worse, we are now realizing that his “elite defense” may have been small sample size bullshit as he’s looked the part of a Three Stooges short in CF this season.  White Sox twitter and White Sox nation for that matter, have pretty much fallen out of love with Adam Engel, and rightfully so…..except for one guy.
We’ll write about his future prospects in another post soon….
– BeefLoaf

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