Why Is Matt Davidson so LOVED?!?!!?


Remember the skit from Chappelle’s Show with Negrodamus?  It didn’t run that many times, but I enjoyed the heck out of it when it did run.  There was a question from the studio audience for Negrodamus about why White People love Wayne Brady so much?  I sorta started thinking about this skit after I put up a poll about who should DH for the White Sox this season and I was hella surprised that Matt Davidson was the resounding winner.
Poll 2
Just in case you are new here, I’m not really a big fan of Frosty, at least as a baseball player, I’m sure otherwise he’s a really swell guy.  So I reached out to the fine and certainly mentally stable folks of White Sox Twitter to help me answer the question, “Why is Matt Davidson so LOVED!?!?!?”


Thick lustrous hair is important to me (and you)
Hair 2
From what I can tell, the hair is a BIG sell with basically everyone.  The 108ers, tend to be pro-thick lustrous hair and Frosty has it in bulk.  The only problem with having “good hair” in baseball is that it is hidden under a portion of the required big league uniform (either hat or batting helmet).  That precludes the dude’s greatest asset from being shown on the regular.  I sort of wonder if he could get away with going hatless in the field, just to show his platinum mop off to the fans.
He’s a handsome kid
Ladies, you have spoken, and the answer is a loud and resounding, he’s handsome, he should stay.  The only problem with this is that we already have at least 3 young handsome fellas on this team that are better ballplayers, Nicky “Steaks” Delmonico, Tim Anderson and Yoan Moncada……and several more on the way in the next few waves of prospects.  I get where you are coming from, but Frosty will soon just be another face in the crowd.  Truth be told, when he’s just a handsome unemployed guy, you ladies are much more likely to have a chance to be his sugar mama!
He’s NOT Jeff Keppinger
Remember Jeff Keppinger?  This was one of the illustrious free agent signings by Rick Hahn to plug up the holes on a star laiden team (the HahnBots are rushing to the interwebs to see if this is true).  He was AWFUL….and he was a PRICK, leading to him being outright released early into a long term contract.  The point is, since Joe Crede‘s back failed, the White Sox have had a stream of blech rushing through this position, so maybe fans just saw a guy who wasn’t as bad as these other chumps (but still pretty bad) and were okay with him trotting out there on a daily basis.
Chicks (actually EVERYONE) Dig the Long Ball
The guy crushes some big home runs and I think we are all susceptible to tape measure shots and the dreamcasting that goes along with those majestic blasts.  The only problem with this is that EVERYONE is hitting lots of home runs these days and you need to be able to do something else…..below is the “Something Else” chart of things that Matt Davidson can do besides hit bombs.
Matty D
The average fan is more optimistic and forgiving than the 108ers
College Age Fridge Perry thinks it couldn’t hurt to give Matty D one more look this season.
I think the average fan just wants him to succeed, therefore, they are willing to wait on him attempting to succeed, regardless of opportunity costs.  You can see what the “best case” scenarios of his upside are getting in the free agent market, Logan Morrison is still out there, Todd Frazier just got 2 yrs and $17M, so the 1b / 3b with lots of strike outs and some HR’s isn’t really in demand, so if he basically crushes his upside, he’s still not that terribly valuable.  This is why you see a lot of people saying to let Yolmer play 3b, he’ll at least play respectable defense and that’s generally a good strategy with a stream of young pitching on its way.  Also, Yolmer should have some trade value as a utility player for a contender.
Look, personally, I’d love it if Matt Davidson became as prolific at crushing bombs as let’s say Khris Davis in Oakland and basically forced his way into the lineup, that would be a ton of fun, but for now, I will continue to sit here and enjoy the many fun responses from the White Sox fan base on Frosty.
– BeefLoaf

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