12 Days of #108Mas: BeefLoaf’s Xmas List for @NotRickHahn


Good day friends, why don’t you come on in…..to kick off the Section 108 12 days of Xmas it is time for me to present my Xmas list…….NO! Not that one…..Santa has his fucking letter already and he already responded that he wanted a glass of some of the delicious grape juice I have chilling in the cellar.  Nope, this is my annual list for @NotRickHahn, effectively my White Sox list.  Long, long before we had the 108 blog, but during the time in which most of the 108ers were going to games together, I took to Facebook (it’s a social media site, maybe you’ve heard of it) and threw an overt wish out there to Hahn, the White Sox and all the rest of the world to get rid of Gordon Beckham.  That wish was granted, although they did bring him back.  So now it has become an annual tradition, whether privately or publicly (this year obviously publicly or the dozens of you that read this wouldn’t be reading this)……anyway, got a song about it, here it go.
DFA Matt Davidson – Look, this kid has great hair, there is absolutely no fucking doubt about that.  Getting rid of him will decline the handsome quotient….aka the Q factor on this squad, but truth be told, we don’t need him.  I just don’t see what your best outcome really is here.  He really can’t play 3b, he’s basically a 1b and you can go out in the open market and buy Lucas Duda, who is basically what you’d hope Davidson would become as a hitter, for the money you find between the cushions of your couch.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Give Yolmer the 3b job for this year, or trade for someone, or sign someone, but please to be telling Matt Davidson to move it along.  To me, this looks like Dayan Viciedo, the White Sox will cut him and before you know it, he’s wiped off the face of the major leagues.
Install Netting – This is long, long over due and won’t effect sight lines in any measurable way, but you need to get that fucking netting installed asap!!!  I know there are groups of fans against this, but too bad, let’s protect those smaller fans that don’t have time to react to a line drive hit right at them (and the drunk ones that might not have perfect motor skills by the 3rd inning).  If god forbid one of our youngsters gets seriously injured by a line drive this year, because you and fat ass sat on your hands regarding this, I’m coming up there to whip your ass, like Da Coach offered to do to Neal from Northlake.
Competitive Advantage – It is all fine and well that you traded the big honkin’ burnin’ good parts of the last White Sox team for younger talented pieces, but this isn’t a competitive advantage.  EVERYONE COULD DO THIS.  What I want, and maybe you have discovered it already and we (the fans) won’t figure it out for a few years, but I want a REAL COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.  Ten years from now, I want these mutherfuckers writing books about how clever you and the rest of the front office were in finding this inefficiency, this new way of looking at things, this breakthrough that lead the White Sox to 5 straight playoff appearances and 2 World Series titles.  As us fans go through the hardest part of the rebuild, I want to have some faith that you’ll deliver this to me, if not this Xmas, some Xmas in the future.


Join the 108ers for a Sunday Soak – Look, I’m told you know when we are sleeping and you know when we’re awake and you know when we’ve been bad or good or talking shit about the White Sox, so you gotta know about the Sunday Soak, for goodness sake.  I’m sure one of your minions has told you, hey, there’s these super handsome guys who sit in Section 108 of the ballpark that do a blog where they occasionally talk about the White Sox, but usually talk about awesome stuff like food and booze and gambling and stuff.  We need you in the Sunday Soak this season!!!  There are a few conditions…..1) We take twitter questions, no matter what the content.  2) Bonita Steakie WILL make fun of you when we ask her 5 questions during the middle of the show……3) You WILL crush Baderbrau beers with us!!!  Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun and although you’ll be swimming around in MySoxSummer’s plush back hair, there are rarely any floaters in the tub.
Come on, I was good all year, including going out to watch that heaping pile you threw out there over 60 times in 2017.
– BeefLoaf

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