Okay….Let’s Gamble!….an opportunity to BEAT the 108ers!

Good day fam, it’s your buddy BeefLoaf and we have a fun offer from the 108.  A good chunk of the 108ers are willing to gamble on just about anything, I kid you not, myself, Chorizy-E and Biguns will literally gamble on ANYTHING!  Stop by the 108 with a proposition and we’ll figure out a price to gamble on it.  You are probably asking, so what?  Who gives a fk?  What does this have to do with me??  Well, the 108 is putting together a pseudo gambling opportunity for you.  We are running a Fantasy Baseball League that you can be involved in…..with prizes and more importantly consequences


 The winners (if those people are non-108ers) will receive some of the following prizes………….

  •  – An entire game in 2018 in which you and a friend will have their entire drink tab picked up by the 108 (vendor drinks only, we’re not sneaking in a case of Zima for you)


  • – sundry items created by the 108 (think t-shirts, as we have already created a couple of designs with more fun stuff to come this summer).
  •  I know, this sounds great, it sounds like taking candy from a baby, but guess what, the 108ers will be actively battling you and here are your consequences for NOT being one of the winners
  • – Put up the 108 logo as your twitter picture for an entire month


  • – Do a 30 second facebook live video about how much you love the 108ers

In addition, we will talk monster shit about your awful team on social media from beginning to end of the season (even if you win this could happen)

Now if someone from the 108 finishes last, they will have to sport a mustache for a full week.

If someone from the 108 wins, the other 108ers have to buy $100 worth of churros for the section.

We’ll have room for approx 5 people to come play in this league and battle against myself, Chorizy-E, MySoxSummer and also 108 special guest SlimMick.

 We also added a known non-108er and that is fellow WhiteSox blogger DJT.

 In order to get an invite for the league, please DM us on twitter and give us a reason why we should choose you over others that might be interested.  

 The league is AL-Only, Head to Head, with playoffs……………..we’ll also have side bets and special things during the year to enhance the experience.  Only one rule, everyone in the league must have at least 1 White Sox on their roster at all times.  So get those fingers DMing us on twitter (sounds dirty) and let us know why you want to be in the league.

– BeefLoaf

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