The One Hitter – Sorry, but I gotta fan shame

This is the one hitter, don’t forget to exhale…

Yesterday’s White Sox game had a fantastic conclusion. A Jake Burger walk off grand slam is something you don’t want to miss. But what if you did? What if in the bottom of the ninth inning, you were to leave during Tim Anderson’s plate appearance? And what if you were actually wearing a Timmy jersey? Well, that’s what we witnessed in the Lite Landing. Two guys left their buddy behind in the bottom of the ninth of a tied game. Maybe they had something super important to get to or maybe one of them was on the brink of shitting their pants. Who could know?

But what I do know, is that their buddy stayed behind and when we invited him and his wonderful stache to join us in the 108, he hurdled the border wall with incredible style and agility. So shout out to this dude who got left behind by his boys, but found some new friends in Section 108.


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