Abreu, Talking Eloy and Belt Bags…

Happy Fri-YAY. Sox are back tonight (if the weather holds off) and we have some things to discuss. Earlier this week I put out this tweet –

And this was one of the responses –

I find it funny that the #108Tourney grim reaper (@C_Spaghett1) follows about everyone in this WST world. What a trooper!

I have a pretty hard and fast rule of not responding to anyone with less than 100 followers. Is that petty? Of course. Anyways, no way I am gonna respond to this guy with his 8 followers. But I WILL write an entire blog about his tweet. Yep, I know, it makes zero sense.

In his tweet he talked shit about Abreu. Did he struggle last year? Kinda, if you think finishing Top 5 in fWAR out of all 1B in 2022 is struggling, but I digress. THEN he takes a swipe on our attendance saying “all 12,000 of them” referring to the crowd size. For all that is holy I HOPE there are ONLY 12k people there on Saturday. Why you ask?

That’s when they will give away the FIRST bobblehead in 2023. There are 4 gate releases so far this year and this starts them off. 20k will be given out, so I think saying that 12k will show up is grossly underestimating our fan base. If I know anything, it’s that our fan base LOVES FREE SHIT as much as TALKING SHIT. People that are out in these Twitter streets talking mad shit about our team are secretly sliding into my DM’s asking if I can get them an extra Talking Eloy this Saturday. I like making money, not gonna lie, but my days of working the gates to get extras, are over. I’m famous and corporate now. See below.

PLUS this series marks the RETURN of Jose Abreu. Yes, Jose Abreu, former 2020 MVP 1B for YOUR Chicago White Sox. He’s struggling right now, but we’ve seen this before. Is this the year he is finally cooked? I doubt it. He hasn’t hit a HR yet, but is he saving that for his first return to Chicago? He might be, some are saying this.

History is on Jose’s side too. Take a look at his splits broken down by the month. That OPS is climbing up a goddamn ladder as the season goes on. It’s pretty damn amazing and I’d be willing to bet that he returns to form soon enough.

AND if that wasn’t enough, the Sox are giving out “Belt Bags” on Sunday (Mother’s Day) to the first 20k that show up. Don’t sleep on this, MOM’s love the White Sox too. Hell, they even love spending time at the park with your goofy ass. There’s a hot debate between #108Tourney Tag Team Champs Missy & Alexis on what to call them, but there isn’t a debate that your mom needs one. Of course she does and she’ll be hella disappointed if you don’t get her one. They look fly AF too.

I’m not a betting man, but I would set the O/U on attendance for Saturday and Sunday at 25.5k (each day). I’d hammer the over. I’ll even make a deal with you guys, if you RT this blog with your prediction (O/U 25.5k) and I LOSE, I will send one lucky winner a coupon for a free 1/2 pound of Lawrence’s Famous Fried Shrimp! It’s simple and takes very little time. To be entered to win just RT this blog with the words “Read this. I’ll take the under”.

In addition to the bobblehead, friends of the 108, @ChiSportsBums are throwing another #WhiskeyAtComiskey this Saturday. Give them a follow on the bird app and stop by for some tasty samples. More info here –

Folks, the team has some things to improve upon, but the game day experience with all us crazy asses in 108 cannot be topped. See ya this weekend!


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