Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3 Predictions

The Mandalorian is coming back for its third season on March 1st. I’m happy to announce that Josh Nelson from SoxMachine and I will be continuing our Star Wars podcast on the FromThe108 YouTube channel:

I’m excited to see what happens with all of the characters we’ve been introduced to and I’ve got a few thoughts of my own on what we might see:

Moff Gideon

When Din goes to reunite with the Armorer and Paz Vizsla, there is some heavy foreshadowing about Moff Gideon. Basically, them thinking that Din should have killed him instead of handing him over to the New Republic. Why? Because he is gonna escape this season. We only got a glimpse of Katy O’Brian in season 2 as “comms officer”, but it’s rumored she’s back for season 3. She was also just in Ant-Man kicking tons of ass. So I think she’ll be key to breaking him out. I also think they’re just going to note that Cara Dune was killed in the prison break.

Who saves Grogu?

In the trailer for season 3, we see a door being cut open from in Grogu’s memory sequence from Order 66. There are Jedi in front of it, and the internet is a buzz with what Jedi is cutting through that door to save sweet little Grogu.

The problem is, we’ve already seen past this in previous episodes. These jedi all get smoked by clone troopers. So my guess at who saves Grogu is “nobody”. But I do think we’ll get a big reveal here. I think the Grand Inquisitor, who at this point would technically still be a Temple Guard, is gonna be the one to scoop him. Good ole Palps had a lot of secrets and having the Grand Inquisitor get this marvelous specimen makes more sense than Vader, since he was busy killing A LOT of younglings.

Grogu Gets Dark

Assuming the above is correct, he was in the hands of the Empire for a long time. And when Ahsoka says “Then his memory becomes…dark”, it could mean that he is being pulled to the dark side for a long time. Now in a scenario with constant fighting and his training restarted by Luke, he could once again get dark. Din will have no way to know what that could mean. However, characters like Bo-Katan will remember Maul and see the similarities. It could be very interesting, especially if the Armorer is Rook Kast as I have long hoped.

Only a few days before we start to find out! What do you think will happen? Will we get a Mythosaur? Will there be a Mandalorian civil war? Will we see any additional Jedi?



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