I’m Talking Myself Into Oscar Colas Top 5 AL ROY

I’ll admit it, I’ve been low key hyped about Oscar Colas for a minute. I was one of the people that thought “it couldn’t hurt” to promote him last September, just to “see what we got”. That’s as outwardly hyped as I have gotten lately about prospects since the White Sox been disappointing us lately on production of recent arrivals, not naming any names.

I couldn’t avoid the monster fucking home runs on twitter and what looked like well above average outfield defense. I’m a sucker for power and defense. This week’s Au Jus (Monday Nights 6pm CT on the 108 You Tube channel), Mike Rankin from Future Sox and I discussed Colas’ deficiency, which is his chase rate. Even talking about his weaknesses, EVERYONE HAS THEM, got me in a fucking lather.

Full discussion with Mike Rankin here (we talk Colas, Getz, Project B-Ham, Romy Gonzalez, Cristian Mena, Colson Montgomery and a bunch of other shit, fun discussion)

It prompted me to tweet this….

But, fuck emotion, let’s dig in on what a season like that might look like…

2023 AL ROY Top 5??

Picture of Oscar Colas from Francys Romero twitter page

I figured it only fair to detail the last 5 AL ROY groups and get some semblance of what Oscar is going to need to do when he starts his residency in the southwest corner at 35th and Shields. Below are the last 5 years of AL ROY voting, and if we are being honest with ourselves a lot of fucking fun memories for White Sox fans!


Daniel FUCKING Palka!! Much like Moe Green, Daniel Palka will never get the credit he deserves for propping up a fan base that was on life support. Not sure what 108 or most of our fanbase would look like without that fucking glimmer of hope that was 27 home runs in 2018. Especially during a rare Abreu injury interrupted season. God bless local guy Teddy Greenstein for that 1 vote. Below is me when he did them shits.


Eloy SZN. Sign of things to come, right? Still his fucking career highs in HR, RBI and Runs. Jesus. I need a healthy Eloy Jimenez season, like I need air to breathe.


Could’ve been a GOATED season, Abreu MVP and Luis was so damn close to AL ROY. If he didn’t fall off in September like True Detective Season 2, he’d have done it. Too bad not everyone wanted this to be a GOATED SZN.

2021 & 2022

How Can It Happen??

FINE! Fuck it, let’s see what this will take. I took the median and averages of the hitters from the last 5 years of top 5 AL ROY (2020 counting stats extrapolated for a full season) and here’s what I get.

I gave Colas the lower of Average or Median, because all we tryna do is guarantee top 5. Imma be honest, this seems totally reachable (except for the OBP, thoughts and prayers there). Maybe I should be even more aggressive with this….

Either way, LFG!!!!


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