12 Days of #108Mas: 24 Xmas Beers In 24 Days – Days 16-20

Day 16: Will County Brewing – Wet Bandits

I open every beer from the Advent Beer Calendar first thing every morning, in order for it to be cold and properly reviewed when I get home from work. The beer name, along with the label was an exciting way to start my Friday morning. I appreciate the creativity with the title as well as the artwork. Wet Bandits has now gotten me more intrigued about barleywines and I will most likely be on the lookout for more barleywines. I thoroughly enjoyed the malty and boozy goodness of this beer.

Day 17: Lake Effect Brewing – Snow Plowed

Spiced ales when done correctly can be very good. I was excited to try Snow Plowed as I am always willing to try different beers to expand my beer pallet. While the idea is right, there was just too much going on with the spices in the Winter White Ale.

Day 18: Miskatonic Brewing – Duffle Coat

Miskatonic Brewing has brewed several outstanding beers through the years. This beer is no different. While many breweries try to master a winter stout or a Christmas ale with fancy spices, Miskatonic got it right with Duffle Coat. The simplicity of the old school English style brown ale was the perfect beer to clear the mind after a night of #108ing with Chorizy, Beef, and Josh Nelson, among many others at Maria’s on Saturday night.

Day 19: Emancipation Brewing – Tradition

The title and the can art are perfect for this beer. Who doesn’t love going to the tree farm all bundled up to go chop down the family Christmas Tree? This double hoppy red ale felt like the perfect beer to have after tossing the tree (securely) on top of the car for the car ride home.

Day 20: Phase Three Brewing – Cozy On Up

Disregard the part where I don’t call this beer the correct name, but hey, at least I was close. Cozy ON up is a delicious coffee porter from Phase Three Brewing. I appreciated the simple and not overpowering notes of coffee in this porter. A perfect beer for the holidays when there’s a blizzard or subzero temperatures outside and you want to cozy on up around the fire.


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