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Our buddies Chief and Eddie do a show that I absolutely love on the DogWalk. If you’re not familiar it’s a 15-60m show released each weekday, hosted by Eddie, and each day of the week has a different theme. You get some True Crime Fridays, drafts on Mondays, etc.

Every Tuesday Chief is the guest and they discuss some different topics, but my favorites are the conspiracy theories. But there are plenty of great ones to choose from, like their discussion on Jack Parsons. Gotta be totally honest, I never thought I’d hear Aleister Crowley talked about on Barstool, but that definitely happened. Recently, they asked for suggestions on topics they should dive into. Being the helpful person I am, here are 5:

The Immortality Key

Bit of a long read or listen, but well worth it. This book dives into the earliest religions of the world and their ceremonies. There is a ton to unpack here including Mary Magdalene’s lost book of the gospel, how she should have been the first pope, and the very important role of women in early religions. But I am burying the lead here, the main focus is on the inclusion of psychedelics in sacramental wine. Yeah, nowadays they got the bottom shelf cheap shit from the Jewels, but back in the day they were tripping balls at church.

Chess Cheating Scandal

I discussed this on our podcast not too long ago, but while you may roll your eyes at a discussion about chess or chess move AI or cheating at big money chess matches. Let me rope you in with: butt plugs.

There is more to unpack here and I am sure the story has progressed since I talked about it.

Hollow Moon Theory

On its face, kind of a dumb thing to get excited about as the moon being hollow is weird, but not that exciting. But what if I told you this has morphed into the Spaceship Moon theory? Yeah, now were cooking with gas or whatever fuel the aliens used to bring the moon here like the goddamn Death Star.

Robert Johnson’s Deal with the Devil

File this under shit I thought everyone already knew about. However, they make a documentary about it like once a year, so I assume there is still a large portion of the population that is unaware. His life was strange, his death was probably murder, and having only lived 27 years, it is amazing the influence he had on blues and rock music. A legend about an absolute Legend.

Is Chief a Werewolf?

Chief joined this year’s #108WeightLoss competition. And since there are apparently no scales in New York, it took a while before he actually sent a weigh-in pic. When he did, good lord did we all have questions:

So maybe this is a bit of a cheap shot after the blog Dave wrote. But honestly I would not have thought much more about it after getting some laughs out of that read. Then, I happened to stumble upon this:

This is pretty much the exact temperature range Chief is always raving about. Now my wheels are turning and I can’t help but think about how he’s always trying to push a pro-canine agenda on Eddie. If you tell me he played point guard for the Beacon Hills Beavers, I’m staying the hell away from him the next full moon.


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