The 108 Is On TikTok!

In an effort to appeal to the younger fans, From The 108 is now on TikTok! Are you on TikTok? Well, you should follow us and watch our videos! It’s very beer and bobblehead forward, but we are making new ones all the fucking time! You can find us here!

MSS started a series that is documenting every single bobblehead given out by the White Sox! we present White Sox Bobblehead History! It’s like a fun class you’d take in college to get that GPA up. If you like bobbleheads and history, this is the show for you!

Here is a taste –


White Sox Bobblehead History With My Sox Summer! The first SGA ever….Frank Thomas! #WhiteSox #bobblehead #TheBigHurt #FrankThomas

♬ Thunderstruck – AC/DC

Also up on our TikTok, our beer guy Brew Hand Luke and MSS are tasting beers and giving you their reviews in “Here…Drink This!” The videos are as entertaining as they are poorly produced. You really have to watch it to believe it. Here…Watch This…


A new episode of “Here…Drink This!” Featuring Phase Three, Eunoia! A barrel-aged imperial stout made with stroopwafels. Thanks to Dougie Freshness for the taste!

♬ Waffle Song – Fan Man

So if you are TikTok’ing add the 108 into the mix on the biggest time suck known to man..Tik Tok!

-The 108

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