Barstool Carl called me a Genius!!!

This past week (well basically the past 18 months) have been pretty brutal at work for the BeefLoaf. Although I had a much celebrated promotion in the not to distant past, along with that has come an ever increasing workload in the depths and then the shadows of a world-wide pandemic. As I recently noted in the 108 podcast, I used to crumble into a heap of tears under stress as a younger fella. Now, I handle stress much better, but it still tends to way on you. That’s why I was really excited and enjoying our annual White Sox Twitter tournament, named the #108Tourney.

If you are new to 108 and White Sox Twitter, you can get a primer right below about the #108Tourney.

That video was recorded before this year’s version. This year was a wild #108Tourney to say the least and it left me with a feeling of accomplishment (and some regrets, as you can always improve), but I felt even more accomplishment when…..

Barstool Carl called me a genius….sort of

This is Barstool Carl. He’s one of the quartet that makes up Barstool Chicago. He called me a genius. GENIUS!!! I don’t like to brag about myself, but I don’t mind when others do it for me. See the video below.

This was RedLine Radio on YouTube from March 30th, the fellas come right out of the gate discussing the #108Tourney. If you watch at time stamps 6:19, 6:32 and 8:37, Barstool Carl calls the #108Tourney “a genius idea”. Now Carl wasn’t knowingly calling yours truly a genius, but through the transitive property of it being a genius idea and me being the idea maker (generally, it’s a 108 idea and effectively Chorizy and MySoxSummer own it as much as I do, but fuck them for now), he called me a GENIUS!!!. Watch.

Now, personally, idgaf what you think about Barstool. I like Barstool Chicago, I ingest a bunch of their stuff and I like all of these guys personally. I have had nothing but positive interactions with them and they have been generous with their time, counsel and platform to help out the 108ers whenever we have needed it. But you know what, don’t worry about that for a second…..

A lot of yous forget when I slaughtered Fabio in a shirtless showdown to save the 108 Brand

To understand why something like this would be a BIG DEAL to me personally and the 108 as well, you need to look at it from our perspective. We’ve been hustling around doing content as hacks, moonlighting outside of our day jobs just trying to create stuff that people like and you, the listener have responded greatly to us. Still we are part-timers, small-timers, not professionals. So, when a person who does this for their entire living, gives your content a great compliment like this, it just feels terrific. We don’t NEED these acknowledgements to continue providing you with the best of what we got, but they sure do feel good. Next GTLF on me Carl!!

Congrats to the 2022 CHAMP, Brian Knights!!

Congrats to the 2022 Champ, Brian Knights….I already DM’d him about how tough it will be to defend his crown. We are already tryna line him up to join us for a Sunday Soak in 2022.


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