Favorite Album: @ThatbasebaIIfan

Despite the blatant disrespect to Dave Navarro, I was excited to get Cary’s favorite album for this series.

Name/Twitter Handle

Cary – @ThatbasebaIIfan

Favorite Album

RHCP – Californication

First time you heard it

In 2000 as an 11 year old! I heard it on the way to travel baseball practice in my brothers car.

How often do you listen to it?

Once I heard it playing from my brothers car when he was driving me to a travel baseball practice I was immediately hooked. I stole his CD from his car so I could listen to the album on the bus to middle school everyday. I still listen to the album this day!

Why is this your favorite album?

Don’t get it twisted, Blood Sugar Sex Magik is a Top 5 album as well but Californication just hits different for me. This album brought back John Frusciante (1st time) so it was bound to be another great album like Blood Sugar Sex Magik. He makes this band so much better and I am stoked he is back (2nd time) for their new album Unlimited Love. I was able to see RHCP perform in 2007 (with John Frusciante) and they did a ton of songs from Californication, which only made me love the album even more.

RHCP almost broke up the band before Californication as they fired Dave Navarro (thank god) and Frusciante was still recovering from Rehab. If it weren’t for Frusciante coming back who knows if RHCP would still be around this day let alone making such an unbelievable album like Californication. This album helped RHCP define not only what their true sound was but where they stood in the rock world. This album is legendary for these exact reasons.

Having huge hits like Scar Tissue, Around the World, Californication and Otherside on the album people might say this is an easy choice for favorite album. It was songs like Easily, Road Trippin, Get on Top, Emit Remmus and Parallel Universe that got me hooked because of the combination of funk and grungy type rock.

I could listen to all 15 songs from beginning to end and never get sick of it. I still listen to all of these songs especially on my morning route to work!

Which track would be your walk up music?

Easily – Uplifting and full of funk!

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