Favorite Album: @Chalsa01

With the ticket stubs and concert listings Tony posts on a daily basis, I absolutely had to know the album that tops his list.

Name/Twitter Handle

Tony – @Chalsa01

Favorite Album

Talking Heads – Speaking in Tongues

First time you heard it

I can remember hearing this album when I was 6. Being a Youngster and Hearing about somebody “Burning Down The House” made me instantly go crazy over the Funk I heard. Later to find out it was about a Parliament Concert just let me know I was onto something!

How often do you listen to it?

At least once a week I have to blast 1 of the 9 tracks.

Why is this your favorite album?

Many reasons why I picked this as my favorite album. First, The album is nothing short of lots of fun tracks 1-9 including Slippery People, I get Wild/Wild Gravity and Making Flippy Floppy

Second, The Rhythm section of Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz. Every track has the beats from out of nowhere. Plus how cool that they are married. Also Parliament Keyboardist, Bernie Worrell brings the fire!

Third, Frontman David Byrne and is able to weave a different Story while making the listener bop his head is nothing short of Magic

Last, Final Track This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) holds a special place in my heart because it was My Moms favorite track and though she passed away 11 years ago this was played at my wedding to honor her, I can never get enough.

Which track would be your walk up music?

Swamp, It’s Dark and is a great catchy tune to walk up plus the Chorus will play every time I strike someone out!

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