How big are our poles?

When we started this blog back in 2016, I never once imagined we’d be discussing this. But our integrity has been questioned, and we must answer.

I get it, the mammoth structure that obstructs our view in the 108 seems like it stretches to the heavens as though it sprouted from some of Jack’s magic beans. However, that’s simply an optical illusion. We’ve been up close and personal with this thing many times and 45 feet seems pretty accurate. But I should remind you: size doesn’t matter.

It’s tough to imagine us stacked up to reach the top of the pole, especially since we vary in height and stacking us would result in like a Jenga-esque tumble that would likely destroy one of us. So imagine you stacked Yao Mings. Approximately six Yao Mings should bring to to the top of the structure or in other words, about 45 feet.

All right, I get it, it’s difficult to handle multiple Yaos in your mind at once, because it’s just too sexy. It’s basically the scene Keanu Reeves walks in on in Dracula.

So let’s use something that everyone from the southside is familiar with. A three flat. These are everywhere and you certainly wouldn’t jump from the top of one. You know why? Because a three flat is about 33′-40′ high. Just shorter than the pole. Reminder though: size doesn’t matter.

The Goose knows what 45 feet looks like

At the end of the day, whether it be 45 feet or 75 feet, it’s an integral part of the 108 experience. Dave is however correct that the card is extremely valuable.


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