BeefLoaf and Chorizy-E bets: NFL Championship Sunday

For Championship Sunday, we’ll be putting a bet on each team.

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Bengals at Chiefs

Chorizy-E Bengals Pick: The last time these teams faced each other, Ja’Marr Chase went for 266 yds and 3 TDs. I assume KC will do everything they can to prevent that from happening again, which will leave Tee Higgins open for some yardage. I think Gabriel Davis would agree.

Chorizy-E Chiefs Pick: Similarly, I think the Bengals are gonna focus on Kelce, Hill, and the deep ball. If they do, there will be a lot open underneath and the guy BeefLoaf doesn’t believe exists will be available more often than not.

BeefLoaf Bengals Pick: I’m rooting for the Bengals today, but I have a feeling much like last week that Joe Burrow’s O-Line won’t be able to stop a nose bleed. This mufucka gonna be running for his life from the word “go”. So I expect him to sneak out a little OVAH for me here.

BeefLoaf Chiefs Pick: Patrick Mahomes went berserk last week against the Bills. It was fun to watch, however, Championship Games tend to be more conservative in lots of ways, so I expect him to come in under the gaudy numbers of last weekend.

49ers at Rams

Chorizy-E 49ers Pick: Elijah couldn’t get it done for me last week, but I’m not giving up on him. This important of a game, if they get near the goal line, I assume they’ll be putting the ball in Mitchell’s hands.

Chorizy-E Rams Pick: While I think the Rams will continue to target Cupp often, I also think they’ll be in a lot situations where they need a quick, short pass. Akers should be in position to grab a bunch of these.

BeefLoaf 49ers Pick: Look my mans Jimmy G is a White Sox fan, he loves curvy porn stars, he’s from the area, what’s not to love….other than his quarterbacking.

BeefLoaf Rams Pick: Frents, I’m old enough to remember when OBJ was done, finished, toast, expired. It’s amazing how one can rise from the dead when they get the overwhelming stench of Baker Mayfield off of them.

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