The 5 – Space Drugs

I watch a decent amount of tv and movies and from time to time there are some pretty cool looking drugs that traverse the galaxy. And this week on the Book of Boba Fett, there was one of the craziest ones I’ve seen yet. So I wanted to run down my 5 favorite space drugs. Then, I hope you can let me know about all the ones I either don’t know of or forgot about.

5. Dune – Spice

I know they have spice in Star Wars too, but Dune did it first, so I gotta give them props. Especially since the spice in Star Wars is pretty much exactly the same. In both universes, people love this hallucinogenic drug and A LOT of people die fighting over it.

4. Cheech and Chong – Space Coke

Sure, it’s not Cheech and Chong’s most creatively named item, but it makes for one hell of a scene. The gif from this is one that cracks me up every time I see it.

3. Rick and Morty – Kalaxian Crystals

If there is anyone I’m gonna trust more about drugs than Cheech and Chong, it would have to be Rick Sanchez. Throughout the series, Rick seems to be on a never ending bender, but he really seemed excited about Kalaxian Crystals so they must be absolutely incredible.

2. Star Wars – Whatever the hell kinda lizard that was


This is not much of a spoiler, but some crazy little lizard goes up Boba Fett’s nose and it’s basically the Beavis and Butthead desert scene that Rob Zombie drew. I never once in my life thought it would be a good idea to shove a lizard up my nose, but I gotta admit, I’m thinking about it.

1. Alien Nation – Jabroka

First off, I love that in this movie they get drunk drinking curdled milk. It’s kinda gross, kinda awesome. But the blue drug that looks like Tide, is the real gem here. It’s a party drug, but also a PED? I don’t quite know. They seem to love it, but it can apparently turn you into their version of Barry Bonds. Regardless, it’s my number one.

I am absolutely sure I forgot some and even while I was thinking about doing this, Matt Ramsey reminded me about Human Horn. Let me know what I missed.


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