12 Days of #108Mas: Strange XMas Movie Theories

As someone who watches a lot of Star Wars, Comic Book, and Sci-Fi movies, I am no stranger to wild theories and YouTube channels dedicated to them. But I was a bit surprised to find out how many theories are out there about some of our beloved Christmas classics.


There are a surprising amount of theories out there: including Miles Finch is a scam artist, it’s the prequel to Step Brothers, and the idea of some larger Santaverse that includes a bunch of other movies. But the one that sticks out to me has shown up in multiple forms on the internet, but basically, Buddy was some kind of hybrid human-elf or elf mutant or some shit. This is what explains his ability to only sleep like 40 mins a day, eat like a 5 year old child, and gun snowballs like he’s the goddamn Terminator. His ultimate purpose is to save Christmas, which he does.

Miracle on 34th Street

It’s not hard to find posts on Reddit about Kris Kringle being full of reindeer shit. However, I particularly enjoyed the fan theory that also gives him a back story. This theory has him as a US Army Intelligence Officer that served in WWII. His need to adapt in Europe forcing him to speak the languages and understand the cultures. Later in life, unable to cope with his life post-war, he takes on the Santa Claus persona and is able to convince most people using tactics learned as an Intelligence Officer. I kinda want this to be true.

Christmas Vacation

I went to Reddit to see what I could find on this, and wow did I find a Vegas Vacation one. But we’re sticking to Christmas here and there is one that fits perfectly into today’s movies. It recognizes that there is a Griswold Multiverse, hence the changing children every movie. And based on that, it states that Aunt Bethany was not losing touch with reality, but rather was in touch with all of the Griswold realities. Thus making it impossible for her to keep track of who is who or what is going on. All I know is that if she breaks wind, it could clear out the room.

Home Alone

This is my absolute favorite one and one that I have decided to just go ahead and believe. Kevin McCallister is Jigsaw. Don’t believe me? Check out this video:


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