12 Days of #108Mas: Buy An Ugly #108Mas Sweater or Chorizy Dies.

Folks, most years we forget to make holiday themed 108 gear till it’s too late. It’s easily a byproduct of enjoying all those Goose Island beers! We’re just too damn busy to remember! But this year we were on top of our game, and we produced 2 #108mas themed items. The first item was botched by the D Bags at Discount Mugs, and folks it was a beauty of an item. The 2nd item was produced in sizes S to 5XL and….well, it’s been Chorizy’s dream to do an ugly 108 sweater since we started this thing of ours. Isn’t it lovely?

We’re a couple weeks away from Christmas and I’d really like to get these into your house, under the tree or on your back for your office holiday parties! Even Santa himself would understand opening this gift early as you NEED to wear this out and about this holiday season. But how can we make more sales? Well I had an idea…..

Buy the sweater or Chorizy dies! Yup, I will kill my main mang Chorizy (wearing a clown outfit) if you don’t buy one of our sweaters! Why am I wearing a clown outfit? Our guy Chorizy HATES clowns, so his death would be even more terrifying if I was wearing one. I’ll brake into his house, late at night and strangle him to death! What would I use to strangle him? Why an #108mas ugly sweater of course! It’s both soft and durable! It will choke the life out of him AND we can still have an open casket cause it’s just that soft on your skin!

Now, I am gonna try to help my main mang live, so I am offering a $5 off coupon when you use the code NOKILL at checkout! You’ll get $5 off and you can even trow in a winter hat for an extra $20. It’s a win win as Chorizy won’t die and you look stylish as fuck for the holidays? You feel me?

So get your ass over to our merch shop and BUY BUY BUY! Free gifts included in EVERY ORDER! Remember to use code NOKILL and get $5 off your sweater! Some sizes have limited stock remaining so buy TODAY!



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