FromThe108 Weight Loss Competition

First off, thank you to everyone in the White Sox community for a tremendously fun year. It was a longer year than usual and certainly a more exciting. With that came many delicious beers and a lot of late night pizza. Trust me, we’re not complaining about any of that.

However, the three of us realized that if we’re going to be able to bring it again next year, for hopefully a longer run, we gotta walk into Spring Training in “the best shape of our lives.” This is obviously impossible, but we’re gonna try to get in shape. And what better motivation than to compete against each other.

The three 108 boys are trying to lose more % of their body weight than the others. If you want to join in, join in. If you want to back one of the 108ers, back ’em. If you want to shit talk us and send us pics of the donut burger with a side of pepperoni pizza you’re eating, go for it.


Weighs in at 210.8 lbs on 10/13/2021.


Weighs in at 282.0 lbs on 10/13/2021.



Weighs in at 311.1 lbs on 10/13/2021.


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