White Sox Trade Assets

I probably should’ve called this a One-Hitter, as it is a blog of the very short variety, but one thing that I always find interesting is when I look at prospect lists they are reflecting sort of a total value for the particular player / organization. However, when you think about these exact same prospects, their trade values to another team might be wildly different based on age, remaining minor league options, nearness to 40 man roster protection. Also, the ever increasing trend in MLB to trade for younger prospects with future upside, but without a large prospect pedigree (YET). I wrote about this trend awhile back HERE.

Below is a cutout from THE BOARD, which is Fangraphs super handy prospect rating module. This is all of the White Sox prospects that they grade by org rank.

That’s a spiffy list and I don’t doubt any of Eric Longenhagen’s work at all. However, I took this list and mixed it up righteously, based on how I think the White Sox prospects will be valued in trade. See below and hit me up on twitter to flame away.


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