I was on Television!

Hello all. It is everybody’s favorite intern, “The Big Homie” Darrin Brown. This week has been one of the best in my 19 years on this planet. I won Sox Math for the first time ever on Monday, so I got to be on tv Tuesday. Amazing!

Thank you to Adam for the photo.

For a few years now, our family has been using Hulu as our television service. Hulu is by far a better alternative to our old cable provider, Dish, but the downside is the delay. This heavily affects not only my chances but many Sox Twitter greats’ chances of winning Sox Math. Alas, I was able to pull out a victory in Len Kasper’s first ever White Sox television broadcast.

I am so excited and proud to join all the elites to have won Sox Math. From my fellow Illini Steve O’Brien, Sox Machine’s own PNoles, to 108 legends Mr. Hand and Beefloaf.

With my career path, hopefully this is not nearly the only time I am on television, and hopefully not the first time I am on television during a sporting event. We will have to see!

Thank you to everyone who tweeted at me, messaged me, and followed over the past few days. Special thanks to the best dad in the world @BlueHavanaDave for the camera work, the best mom in the world @Punke12 for lending me her iPhone so I could have better video quality, and the best dog in the world for the excellent cameo.

By the way, congrats to my good friend gd on his victory today! Cheers everyone and enjoy the podcast tonight!

Darrin D. Brown

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