The 5 – Yet Another Miss By Rick Hahn.

I’ve been a big fan of the White Sox for, well, all my fucking life. Back in 2012 I started up the whole My Sox Summer as an un/under employed resident of Bridgeport. The premise was 50 games for under $500, which I did. Years later here we sit with the 108 Empire. THE WORLD IS YOURS OURS.

I feel like (with the tireless efforts of @beefloaf108 and @chorizy) we have helped keep the White Sox Fans interested in all things White Sox during the doldrums of seasons past. Now, have the White Sox taken care of us? I’d say kinda. They have given us access to Brooks Boyer (we even recorded a podcast, at the park, IN A SUITE). They arranged the meeting with our awesome neighbors @GooseIsland. Now, I feel like I have been kicked in the junk…..THEY DIDN’T SIGN T.J. MCFARLAND.

Rugged good looks…

I hinted at it. I tweeted about it. I thought they would have picked up on my cues, but they didn’t. Maybe I was too subtle. Maybe it’s my fault? Jeesh, that makes me sad. Now it won’t happen (to start the year anyways) as our guy TJ has inked a deal with the Washington Nationals. FUCKING HELL.

Nationals sign T.J. McFarland, better late than never

I know some of you are out there saying “But MSS, our bullpen is top notch, do we really need another arm?” And to those people I say absofuckinglutley. Lemme show you why we could use what TJ could bring…

He has playoff victory experience.

Aside from beating OUR White Sox in 2020 with the Oakland Athletics, TJ was also on the 2014 Baltimore Orioles. A team that won 96 games AND their division, losing to the KC Royals. But it’s not just about the on-field performance, it’s how you celebrate. No victory goggles? #BRAVE

He’s Media Savvy

He’s been on our podcast (and #3Things) and is just a joy to talk to. He even donated a days pay to the MLB Players Alliance and did a day of service in Chicago. Check out the video here.

He Does A Better Harry Caray than Ryan Dempster.

Case fucking closed. Even Barstool Carl can agree that TJ whoops Dempster’s ass in this arena.

He Hasn’t Lost A Game In 2 Years!

He even fucking won 2! He’s over .500 in his career which spans 8 years. Do we need that on our team? Yes, yes we do!

Imagine The Content…

Imagine having a guy on the inside that you ACTUALLY know. Not some beef sandwich. Not some “not this guy” burner. A real fucking human that you can text (or yell at from the concourse on a Tuesday night game). That’s what it would have been like having TJ all up in that clubhouse. He’d be counting Twinkie wrappers and throwing us empty Domino’s pizza boxes, you know giving us the leads on the stuff that REALLY MATTERS. Just think, we missed out on expert analysis from a guy on the inside. Way to go Rick!

In a turbulent off season, not signing my wife’s cousin is just a cherry on top of the disappointment sundae. I think we’ll still have a hella good shot to win our division and go deep in the playoffs. But doing it with “Return Of The Mac” in our bullpen would have been sweeter.


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