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“I got to give (team chairman) Jerry Reinsdorf a lot of credit,” general manager Rick Hahn said Friday. “He’s given us the flexibility during these extraordinarily uncertain — and obviously difficult for a lot of people — times to have the the economic wherewithal to aggressively pursue premium upgrades to a team that we feel is pretty good. Not everybody gets to be in that situation.”

I gotta think that the White Sox are done. I think the solid 3rd starter need was addressed. I think our closer is an upgrade. But what remains out there is a big gaping hole in RF and DH. So close!

Let’s just say, fuck it, Adam Eaton defensively MIGHT be an upgrade in RF. BUT we thought last year that Nomar was gonna bring that bat AND defense. I don’t know how effective Eaton will be at the plate, can he be worse than Nomar? Possibly? But anyways, it would have been great to get a bat / defense like a George Springer. Marcell Ozuna (repeatedly mentioned by yours truly as the guy I want) is a guy who can make an IMMEDIATE impact on the DH position, but it looks like we are doing what? Are we really gonna bet this heavy on Andrew Vaughn? Woah buddy…

That’s an undershirt LWilz. Not a 2nd Nike “ghost” logo

Fuck it, maybe he will slide right in and smash the fucking ball. But let’s look at a guy like, oh I don’t know, Luis Robert who is infinitely more hyped/talented than Andrew. Luis Robert STRUGGLED in 2020. Hot start, creamy finish, but that middle. Oh that middle. So you are banking on a dude that hasn’t played MLB ball to be your savior, I mean SHIT, that shit’s risky. Like not wearing a condom at a rave in the 90’s crazy. Like trusting the pull out method with a single mom with 3 kids. RISKY SHIT BRO!

Now, as our friend Jim Margalus pointed out in his blog (which you should read, cause Jim is a real fucking writer) this is rather frustrating basically because of this –

By sitting out the top of the market year after year, even when it so beautifully bends to their will, it makes the scorched-earth nature of the rebuild all the more pointless. They could have traded Chris Sale, José Quintana and Adam Eaton for the same packages and attempted to compete a year or two earlier. Instead, the Sox saved money they didn’t spend in service of flexibility they’re afraid to use. The White Sox still may well succeed without either thanks to the strength of the rebuild-starting trades and the lackluster efforts elsewhere in their division, but it sure would’ve been nice to see Jerry Reinsdorf try spending money to make money, since making Reinsdorf money to spend hasn’t been a strength of this front office.

SoxMachine’s Jim Margalus 1/20/21

I like making analogies and this is one thing I think we in the 108 are very good at. 80 grade analogies IMO. 80 grade hair too. In my regular life, I skimp on many non-essential things. I brew my own coffee. I make my own lunch. I do this mostly cause I like to control where I spend that money. It gives me a bank roll to spend more money on something that I might need or want later. Sox have been brown bagging it for a few years and (2020 not withstanding) spent very little on payroll while bringing in some money. Rick had been telling everyone and anyone after the Manny / Bryce incidents, “The money will be spent.” And as others have said, with the division ripe for the winning, we cheap out on a position we have cheaped out on for as long as I can remember.

Much like my household, sometimes things come up. And it’s nice in my fucked up head to think, “Hey, it’s awesome that I can overpay on this pizza cause I have saved all this money eating in.” Or even splurge on a frente-java-almond-milk-latte-ariana-grande here and there cause I WASN’T buying a $5 coffee EVERY FUCKING DAY. And that’s where the Sox are! They can SPLURGE. I have yet to see a contract get signed that would have broken the Sox. I can understand the Manny / Harper situation a little more than I can with the Springer loss. We saved money then to sign someone now, but yet here we go not signing anyone.

I said good day Memes

It’s frustraing to me and I am a little more rational than some of our fans. I’ll be 100% honest, I think you’ll have great years outta Eloy and Luis. I think Yoan will bounce back. I think TA will continue to do his thing and Abreu won’t be what he was last year but he’ll be better than average. Yaz will bring the noise.

Six Pack of Stats: White Sox 7, Cardinals 2 - South Side Sox

It is what it is, but it sure would have been nice to land a big bat this off season. Maybe there is something in the works we don’t know about. Maybe our guys know we are gonna be fine and we don’t need 7 or 8 consistent bats. But when I see guys suggesting Danny Mendick as an option at DH, HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Zack Collins? GTFOH. I like them dudes but expecting them to be consistent (when their playing time and skills are anything but) seem silly. I know all teams need role players, I was just hoping that ours wouldn’t be starting.


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