Sunday Morning Coming Down

There’s a Johnny Cash song that I probably listen to 50 out of the 52 Sundays of each year. To me, it’s the perfect Sunday morning track and that is “Sunday Morning Coming Down”. It fits him so perfectly, I had always assumed he wrote it. But, as BeefLoaf would have you think is a frequent occurrence, I was incorrect. Here’s Cash with the man who wrote the song, Kris Kristofferson:

In the video, he mentions that it was probably the proudest moment of his life, which seems like a wild exaggeration for a tv show. But the story of how Kristofferson pulled a Good Will Hunting to become a prolific song writer is pretty amazing and rather than paraphrase it, here’s the whole thing:

The song itself, while a bit sad, has always had a glimmer of hope to it when I listen. The story behind it only emboldens that. So if things aren’t going to plan this Sunday morning and maybe you’re even a bit hungover, take a listen to the track and then read the story behind it. Finding out that a Rhodes Scholar waded through Andy Dufresne levels of shit just to put a demo tape in Johnny Cash’s hand is, at the very least, inspiring.


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