Favorite Comments from the Live Podcast S.3 Ep.1

We tried out something new for the podcast this week. We went live on YouTube with the hope that we would get some interaction from you. And you did not disappoint. Here are a few nuggets that I enjoyed. Make sure to subscribe and enable notifications on YouTube for future episodes.

In response to people paying $1k to see Vanilla Ice

Richard Carsley: ​I saw the skate rock vanilla ice in Carbondale Illinois for 12 bucks it was 2000.

Brendan McMahon​: Late to the party but the ability to see Vanilla Ice perform “Go Ninja Go” from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie with the actual Mutant Ninja Turtles onstage might be worth $350

During the Yoelkis Cespedes discussion

nebraskajohn: Serie National was much better when Alexi & Abreu were playing there. Closer to AA/AAA quality. It’s lost so much talent to MLB now that it’s more equivalent A+

matty mitch: ​micker adolpho has an 80 grade arm as well
matty mitch​: and like a 40% k rate

In response to the famous brother Yoelkis will be:

Kevin Fiddler: ​How did nobody choose Clint Howard???

And things we have no clue what they were in response to

Ralph Waldow: ​Chorizy loves nickelback

Brandon Stokes: ​Happy New Year’s
Bill Vickers: ​what are you wearing Brandon?
Brandon Stokes: ​nothing
Bill Vickers: ​getting the kleenex NOW


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