12 Days of #108Mas: The 5 Most BeefLoaf ornaments on my tree

I’ve been trying to stop and smell the roses a little more during this pandemic. Not that I don’t in general and not that work hasn’t been even more fucking busy than usual in a year when you’d figure it wouldn’t be, but sometimes you just ignore the little things. Like the ornaments on my Xmas tree. I’m 42, Bonita Steakie will be 11 in a month and a half and Mrs. Beef and I have been home owners for ~16 years and been in our current domicile for over 9 years. We just aren’t really in the market for new Xmas tree ornaments. It’s put the same old plastic tree up, throw up the same ornaments, let it sit there for 6 weeks, then tear it all down hungover on New Year’s Day or whatever. Well guess what? That’s bogus! So I should appreciate this more. So I went through my tree to give you…..THE 5…..the 5 most BeefLoaf ornaments on my Xmas tree.


By some fucking miracle, my first ornament has made it all this got-damn time. I’m pretty impressed my folks didn’t break it somewhere along the way….and even more impressed that our pets haven’t destroyed it since it’s been in our home. Would love to know who of you out there has been in their home say 5 years and still has an ornament like this intact.

#108THICC Ornament

Every tree needs at least one #108Thicc ornament, mines has a Pig. It’s no accident, Bonita Steakie calls me “Piggy” and has called me “Piggy” since she was pretty small, so this ornament is a staple to our tree.

#108ing Ornament

You need at least 1 #108ing related ornament, it’s actually in the Bible AND the Geneva Convention, so you know it’s fucking serious. This one is wine related, but everyone should put their own style on their tree. If you love, beer, tequila, champagne, fuck it, even whip it’s, get them shits up on the tree.

Cute ornament of your child when they were younger

This is a staple for dad’s and mom’s, the ornament with a picture of your child from years ago. Here’s the beautiful Bonita Steakie, she’s probably 3 years old. Adorable. However, that Dora the Explorer and Boots can go get fucked.

Pets favorite ornament

As you can probably see, this is actually a Baby’s First Christmas ornament, it was for Bonita Steakie and as you can also see, it’s completely fucking destroyed. This is our pets favorite ornament and they take it off the tree to remove it’s stuffing annually. This is mostly the work of our oldest cat Cappuccino, but I have known Pinkie Pie to jump in on this as well. 108Morton tends to stay away as he don’t want no mess with them cats. I’m not sure how many Xmas’ this ornament has left, but we’ll keep trotting it out here until it needs to be put into permanent retirement.

I would absolutely love to see replies with ornaments from everyone else’s trees, just for fun and special ornaments that you love!


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