Section 108 $1 Hot Dog Leaderboard through July 31st

Good day friends, we are back and ready for the fucking stretch run of the Section 108 $1 Hot Dog Leaderboard.  A few updates……

1 – The KING – Matt Nom-Nom-Nommensen is going to eat his 100th hot dog of the season today, barring something weird like him not going to the game or just deciding he’s going to crush a couple of Beggars pizza’s for sport.

2 – NWI Steve has 74 hot dogs eaten vs Jose Abreu’s 84 RBI, this was a #SoxFest After Party bet in which yours truly chose Abreu’s side of the deal.  If NWI Steve is in attendance today, he’s certain to jet past Jose again.

3 – Expanded the leaderboard to 15 spots for this update.  We’ll eventually go up to 20 when September comes just to recognize as many people as possible for participating.  As a group, we have hashtagged well over 600 hot dogs and with 4 #dollardog Wednesday left, we are a shoe in for 750.

$1 Dogs

Remember, the rules to enter during the next $1 Hot Dog Wednesday at White Sox Park…

1 Snap a picture of those beautiful wieners


2 Tag @whitesox & possibly at least in your top 100 White Sox twitter follows @fromthe108

3 Use a hashtag #dollardog

4 Make sure to give a final tally of how many dogs your ingested.

Yep, it’s that fucking easy, here is the king doing it absolutely perfectly…..

$1 dolla


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