#108ing At Sesame Street Live (with Bobbles Jim a.k.a. Gobbles Jim a.k.a. Uncle Rico?)

Many, many moons ago, bobbleheads brought together myself and Bobbles Jim. Since then we have both had 2 kids (Girls 3 – Boys 1), completed our collections of team issued White Sox bobbles and spent countless hours in line at SoxFest and Sox games. We’ve also had at least 5 beers together (Bobbles Jim doesn’t really drink like a 108’er).

Bobbles Jim wants to be called Uncle Rico from now on. His wife says if you change it, it should be Gobbles Jim. Make your voice heard on our 108 Poll!

Having girls that are months apart, we are kinda on the same curve of things they like to do, plus our wives like each other! So my wife reached out to Mrs. Bobbles to see if she wanted to go to Sesame Street Live. When the topic was brought up to me, I thought I was exempt from said event, but apparently I was lumped in cause Bobbles Jim was going to go. It was inked on the calendar.

Have you ever been to Sesame Street live before? I hadn’t and I might not ever go again. I had however, way back in the day, went to Smurf’s Ice Capades. Google that shit for some creepy videos. Anyways….


Tickets WERE NOT cheap. $32 for the CHEAP seats up top, $75 for the “experience” seats. We opted for the cheap seats that then included a $8.05 venue fee per ticket, so if you are playing at home, a ticket cost as much as 4 Corona Lights at Sox Park. Family of 3, cost us $120 to get in the door. But wait, $15 bucks to park! So $135 to get into the show. That is about 20 Sox games in the cheap seats, but no Elmo. Southpaw, but no Elmo.


Upon entry we had been warned that there were multiple booths to buy just about anything your heart desired that was SS related. My daughter thankfully was pretty stoked just to be there so we walked to the seats without paying $35 for a light up bubble wand. The show started and Little Miss Shortstop was going bananas. It was worth every penny for her, no shit. Even the new kid (LMS’s sister) was getting into it. I was shocked.

During intermission, cause you have to be given a bathroom break to go buy more stuff, my daughter noticed a guy selling cotton candy. LMS loves cotton candy since Uncle Loaf bought some for Bonita Steakie and she happily shared it with LMS. It got her through a 9 inning game, so it’s like coffee to her. Bobbles Jim had broke down and bought a bag of popcorn ($7) and a Cookie Monster Cup ($15). So he was $22 in. I declared I was going to buy a $11 bag of cotton candy, but actually found out it was $12. But you got a FREE FOAM CAP with your $12 purchase. The vendor apologized for the price, but I decided to tip him anyways only after he assured me that he got to keep his tip. LMS was thrilled and Bobbles Jim’s little girl got to try cotton candy for the first time too. Win-win in my book.

Pink and blue cotton candy

The second half of the show LMS was pretty distracted by the cotton candy to get too much into the show. Until I took it away from her, then she was dancing away. Luckily she was distracted long enough not to notice that the character she dislikes the most, Abby, used magic (which is why LMS dislikes her) to make it stop raining. She doesn’t like wizardry, and I don’t blame her. The show ended and we went on our merry way to Hooters, the family restaurant chain.

By now you are saying why did you even write this blog MSS? 2 reasons. 1 – It was a fun family outing that was made possible by White Sox baseball. 2 – To illustrate how cheap it actually is to go to a White Sox game.

SIDE NOTE – I would have no issue if PBS was running these events and the money raised went directly to fund the shows. No way in hell that happens. Some asshole, who for sure hates kids, makes piles of money on his muppet slaves. Sad, so sad.

Fans of our fave baseball squad love to complain about price but guess what? On Sundays, you can take a family of 4, to a game, for $30. Tickets and parking, a far cry from $135 for the 3 of us to attend SSL. Even if you buy food there, you still wouldn’t get that close to $135. In this day and time everything is expensive, but I still find $30 for 4 tickets and parking a hell of deal. And before you even say it, yeah, it’s the cheap seats, when is the last time you actually sat in your seat at Sox Park? Come on man.


So take advantage of those cheap tickets in 2019 while you still can. I feel like they will go the way of the dodo when this team get’s good. And go see Sesame Street Live if you wanna see people trying to buy their kids love with cheap toys from China. It’s a blast to see my daughter freak the fuck out seeing a giant blue creature smashing cookies like her dad does when she is in bed.


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