Don’t Die on that Hill…..

Hi friends, it’s your pal BeefLoaf, come on in, pour yourself some coffee (feel free to make it Irish if you’d like) and have a seat.  I have a parable of sorts to share with the class, and as the Slumpbuster always tells me, “make sure you bring enough for the whole class”…..don’t worry, I am.


I’d like to protect the names of the innocent here, but I can only protect so much, plus it is fun for some people to know who it is, so let’s call this fella “El Jefe”.  El Jefe is a big Chicago sports fan, White Sox, Bears and Blackhawks, a BIG BLACKHAWKS guy, a season ticket holder.  El Jefe HATES Corey Crawford, he fucking HATES him.  If you were to look through his Facebook posts during Blackhawks season it is an endless stream of anti-Corey Crawford messages.  In fact, many of his friends spent significant time trolling him about his irrational hate.  Of course, you know how this story ends up going, the Blackhawks win 3 Stanley Cups, 2 of which feature Crawford prominently.  EVEN THEN, even after they have won the Cup, El Jefe still stuck to his guns about how the Blackhawks got lucky to win the Cup inspite of Crawford.  I saw him fairly recently and gave him a ribbing about this and he is still on the anti-Crawford train.  You don’t have to do this folks.


How about another version of this, one where the spicy takes were reversed, eventually.  Your boy and Chorizy-E were both on the DFA Matt Davidson train.  We talk about it multiple times in our infamous Periscope vids (these were probably in the Feb-Mar 2018 timeframe).  Of course, we are morons and Matt Davidson continued to improve into 2018 and he’s a serviceable big league 1B/DH kinda guy.  We did reverse course tho’ and now we are Matt Davidson Fanbois.


You are probably asking by now, Beefy, wtf your point, fam?  My point is this, don’t be that guy (or gal).  If you get some new information that makes you realize your position on some silly sports, music, pop culture thing is wrong, then stand up (ie, get on the twitters), admit your mistake and change your opinion.  Consider this twitter confession and I’ll be your priest (we’ll knock back some of that church wine, and I promise not to diddle).  I’m not saying you have to do this, maybe you really enjoy having very odd opinions that jive significantly with reality, it’s fine, but if you don’t really want to continue to be the “Mark Buehrle is a HOF’er” gal any longer and would like to repent, please do so.  Just to be clear, we aren’t talking about unknowable / ambiguous things, like favorite Beatle or best pizza joint or whatever.  Those aren’t the subjects we are talking about.  Also, if you were a big “Move Zorich to LB” guy or gal, you aren’t allowed to re-neg on that opinion, it is locked in till the end of time.

The following are a list of potential “hot takes” that you could reverse…..

– The 2005 White Sox were a small ball team
– Mike Singletary was the best linebacker on the ’85 Bears
– The McCaskey’s (McClaskey’s per Russ Grimm) are cheap
– The White Sox would’ve won the 1994 World Series (Cleveland was 1 game back at the time of the strike)
– Michael Jordan left basketball because of a gambling pinch

It’s a start….come holler at me,

– BeefLoaf 

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