The 5 – White Sox Positives of the Early Season

The early season for the White Sox has been abysmal, a last place start with an absolutely awful pitching staff.  Our centerfielder is a worse hitter than most of the pitchers in MLB through ~ 500 MLB Plate Appearances and our manager is bunting our way out of big innings on the regular.  As shitty as this year has started off though, there have been some positives and in order to keep all the folks who thought this team would compete for a wild card from jumping off of the ledge, I bring you, the 5.  Five White Sox Positives from the Early Season.
5. The Beer Vendors – One easy measure for enjoyment of the 108ers at Sox Park is the speed and care with which we receive adult beverages.  In fact, we had a recent game in which two of our favorite beer vendors popped a squat right in the 108, so it was basically like we had our own cooler right at our disposal all throughout the game.  It isn’t a surprise that the White Sox walked this game off and the 108ers trudged away triumphantly.  Throw in a SundayFunday margarita or two and you have the full compliment of terrific adult beverages services in Section 108.
4. Tim Anderson‘s antics – We’ve posted before about how we go to games to be entertained and Tim Anderson is doing that in the early going.  Whether it be his exciting play at the plate, or in the field and especially on the basepaths he has not disappointed.  He has especially been a hero in the way he has gotten under the skin of the whiny fucking crybaby “unwritten rules” policy people (Sal Perez and JV, I’m looking squarely at you two fucking crybabies).  I loved when he fucked with Marcus Stroman last year (btw, that might have RIPIP Stroman’s career as he’s been a stinky, stinky pile of dung this season) and I am really enjoying this year so far.  I can only hope that when the White Sox play the Astros again, he can get under the skin of one of the all time jag baggiest “unwritten rules” policeman of all time Brian McCann.  I can’t wait to see that jagoff getting hot about Timmay hamming it up.  Team brawls are good for camaraderie, right?
3.  Fruitsunami – Unless you have been living under a fucking rock, you know our sponsor Baderbrau and the terrific beers and food they serve on a daily basis at their tap room at 2515 S. Wabash.  The star of the show in this early season at the BeefDeck tailgates is the Fruitsunami.  We have routinely started the weekend with a 24 pack of this delicious brew and by the time we are done with the first game of the weekend, there are basically none of these badboys left.  EVERYONE in the crowd LOVES, what MySoxSummer has nicknamed “the Mind Eraser”.  The whole crew, even the wives and girlfriends seem to dig on the Fruit and Green Tea that comes through in this tasty IPL.  It’s an early superstar of the 2018 season and plans to figure prominently in the June 16th meet up with the SoxMachine at Baderbrau.
2. Steve Stone – While people are paying extra attention to Hawk Harrelson’s proverbial swan song and others are laying lots of praise at the feet of the NKOTB Jason Benetti, Steve Stone has quietly been at his best in a LONG TIME in the early season.  As if he already wasn’t one of the one or two best in the game, it is like Stone has taken his game to a new level this season.  He’s gone deep in the story well including some very interesting stuff, like beating Minnesota Fats at pool.  He’s also gone to twitter to slay idiots on the regular to the delight of White Sox Twitter and anyone who likes when ignorance is punished for our enjoyment.  Stone is 70 years old (71 in July) and he doesn’t have any hint of slowing down his game.  He looks like he’ll keep on keepin’ on at a high level ala Vin Scully for the next decade or so and that’s good, because when the playoff teams come along, we definitely want him here still killin’ it.
1. White Sox Twitter – the tight nit group that is White Sox twitter always makes the losses more palatable.  The GIF’s, the polls, the smart ass comments, the videos, the blog posts and podcasts and everything in between.  Nothing better than laughing it out with your best few hundred friends on White Sox twitter who happen to be out on any particular night.
– BeefLoaf
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