The 5 – New Food Predictions (Special Guest Post by Simpossible)

Simpossible has been a huge 108 supporter for awhile. He attended a Baderbrau tailgate and has crashed the 108 several times. Most recently he attended SoxFest18 with MSS, sorry about that man! His first blog is a keeper, read on-

The season is quickly approaching but there is always one big event between now and the April 5th home opener – media day. Every year, members of the Chicago journalism community secure their golden ticket to a tour of Brooks Boyer and the Baseball Factory. They showcase new upgrades to the stadium and discuss promotions but there’s one main attraction: the food. Last year the Sox debuted a 16” mac & cheese grilled cheese brisket, a chocolate gyro, the Wok Off, and oh yes, the Craft Kave. This year, we’ll try to get ahead of the curve and predict some new items that might debut.

Moncada’s Empanadas – The 108ers already wrote about the alleged existence of empanada’s at Sox park. Sounds like a good time to remarket with a brand new spokesperson. Empanadas have to be healthier than Twinkies, just imagine what would happen if Yoan Moncada ate a box of empanadas instead of a box of Twinkies every day. He’d probably look… the same because he’s already the most jacked monster to ever roam the earth. The point being, empanadas are versatile, tasty, and portable. They deserve to be at the G-Rate.

Nicky D’s Breaded SteakNicky Delmonico was a sensation last year with the stats to match. He’s deserving of repping one of Chicago’s famed Italian dishes – the breaded steak sandwich. To honor Nicky’s refined palette, for an extra charge it can be topped with his favorite food: chicken fingers.

Charlie Tilson Chicken Wings – Meat tears right off the bone, which may be fractured in several spots. They’re available for the 2018 season but don’t count on ever getting any.

The Jose Abreu Saladino – For our healthier fans that lost 15 pounds this off-season and actually want to keep it off, this option features arugula, toasted almonds, cranberries, and skinless chicken strips. These ingredients are then put into a meat grinder, rolled into a ball, deep fried in funnel cake oil, and topped with nacho cheese.

Shield’s Meals – For the bargain shoppers. Any leftover foods from the game before compiled into a bowl and thrown out there because it’s a rebuild year, even for the chefs.

All of the items above has gone through a very successful pilot program with one participant. Below is a before and after photo.


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