The Super Bowl Shuffle!

Good day friends, it’s your buddy BeefLoaf.  As the holiday season rolls on, I have been listening to lots of Christmas music, but during all that listening I got to thinking about iconic songs in Chicago Sports History and for my money there is none more iconic than The Super Bowl Shuffle.
For context, the Beloved recorded this song in the final third of the regular season of the 1985 year.  A pretty bold thing to record when the playoffs haven’t even started (who knows maybe they realized that it was lining up for them to face the Dieter Brock lead LA Rams in the NFC Championship).  The Bears did put the song together for charity, but still, it was a cocky thing to do by one of the cockiest teams to ever grace the playing field over on Lake Shore Drive.
How does one celebrate a 32 year old Iconic Chicago Sports Song?  That’s right!  TOURNAMENT!!!!
Starting TODAY, and going through each game that remains in the 2017 Chicago Bears regular season, we will be posting twitter polls to help us narrow down the single BEST performance in the Super Bowl Shuffle Video.
Yours truly, BeefLoaf, watched and re-watched this video a half dozen times to pluck the best performances to put into a 16 team twitter poll tournament.  Some excellent efforts didn’t make it, like Mike Tomczak’s funky guitar play, Reggie Phillips killer bongo effort and last but not least, Thomas Sanders spirited claps and points dance.  Look, not everyone could be in, but I think we have the top 16 performances, appropriately seeded and we’d like YOU to vote them into a #1 performance.
So hit us up on Twitter dot com during the Bears game TODAY to start voting!!!!
– BeefLoaf

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