The One Hitter…MLB Playoffs Wild Card Round

Hi friends, it’s the BeefLoaf and I bring you a quick one-hitter (don’t forget to exhale) about the MLB Playoffs!!!!  I read a fair amount about baseball and the majority of the folks I read don’t care much for the current playoff system, particularly the one game elimination wild card round.  Truth be told, I don’t either, but your pal BeefLoaf is rarely here for hollow complaints, I come with the solutions.  So, since MLB is clearly shifting more towards wanting “Playoff Excitement” whatever that means, and they aren’t going to reduce the amount of playoffs teams.  Here is my solution…….
Currently we have 3 divisions in each league, which render a division winner each and then we have the 2 wild cards, which play the coin flip game to get into the divisional round.  Instead, I propose adding a 3rd wild card to each league (never mind that the AL one would be below .500 this season, this solution isn’t fuggin’ perfect) and instead of having a 1 game playoff, we have a round robin….DOUBLE ELIMINATION……. for the 3 wild card teams.  That isn’t the only catch though.  I seem to remember people “noting” that the advantage of winning the division wasn’t that great these days.  Well this round robin has to be played in its entirety in 3 days.  Yes, we’ll have double headers.  The top wild card in each league will host this extravaganza.  Imagine the bonanza of baseball you’d get for those 3 days, with games coming out of your ears from both leagues until all but 1 wild card team from each league advances.  It would also provide a larger edge in the divisional round for the top games winner in each league as their opponent would have to use their best pitchers to survive the wild card round.  It would be like Gladiator (not the Cuba Gooding Jr. one) to survive.  Jim Valvano’s old NC State team would thrive in a spot like this.  So will other triumphant teams and it will create a whole new layer to the playoffs that would be fun and exciting, while restoring some order to the old way (the old heads like the best teams to be most well represented).
You think I’m nuts?  What say you?
– BeefLoaf
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