The Week/End Round Up! ‘Stros / Royals.

Yo.  The booze has worn off and I am ready to remember the past week’s events while watching our fabulous White Sox!


Tuesday – ‘Stros Game 1 

I (@mysoxsummer) went solo to this game. Dutch Oven was on the bump, wasn’t expecting much, but after he didn’t give up a run in the 1st and we scored 3, my interest peaked.  It then did a solid nosedive after the Oven promptly gave up 3 runs in the 2.  I was mildly pissed, but figured it was early and hoped that those 3 runs in the 1st were not all the offense they had planned.  Well I am happy to report they were not.  The bats were on fire, unlike the previous series vs the Red Sox, and the Sox looked good.  I made a bold bet with our Twitter audience in which if the Sox scored 10 runs by the 7th (last call) I would buy a giant frozen drink.  They had scored 8 by the 4th, so it seemed possible, but alas they didn’t hit the 10.


Interesting things happened at this game.  In the 107 there were a bunch of kids that were there for Lolla, I am guessing, that were killing Bud’s and Angry Orchards like they were getting banned by the City of Chicago.  I noticed that something was up when I saw a kid in the section taking in the anthem but didn’t remove his hat.  They were fun to watch, they clearly enjoyed “Nightcrawler” the cotton candy salesman.  Who, by the way, got the biggest applause all night.

There was also an Astros fan that felt the need to taunt other Sox fans in the 107 and 106.  You don’t normally talk shit in a visitor’s park, at least not when you are getting beat by a cellar team when you are in 1st, but to each their own.  He had a nice poncho and sombrero.  On Twitter I invited him to the 108 to partake in a Modelo, but seems like he blew his load the first night and never came to see us.  Sox Win.

Wednesday – ‘Stros Game 2

The fattest guys in the 108 were really looking forward to this one.  The FIRST $1 HOT DOG GAME! We talked earlier in the day and tried to figure out how many ‘Loaf and I would down.  Upon our early arrival, we got a 24oz Old Style (best beer deal in the park 24 oz for $10) and we ran into the hot dog guy.  We ordered 4 and noticed that these were not the regular $1 dogs they have used in the past.  They were full size! We killed those dogs and ordered 2 more later and ‘Loaf and I played the “I will eat one if you eat one…” game.  We drank A LOT, just to be clear.  A lot for a school night anyways.

Gonzo pitched one hell of a game and offensively the Sox showed up again!  TA had 3 RBI’s with a homer and a double.  A great game to be drunk at and we enjoyed the festivities.

We found out later that our hot dog vendor sold 700 hot dogs that night.  Pretty amazing.  Sox Win Again!

Thursday – ‘Stros Game 3 / Badergate with the 108 

If you don’t follow us on Twitter or FB, please do. Because if you don’t you will never get the details of the tailgates that we help “host” with our good friends at Baderbrau. What do these tailgates include?  Usually free stuff from us but more importantly FREE FOOD AND BEER FROM BADERBRAU!  Have you had a beer from these guys yet?  Yes? No?  Well you should.  They have a great selection of beers that are easy on the pallet and the wallet.  They produce mostly lager style beers that are an easy transition from the domestic swill that some of you guys drink.  If you like hops, try their Lawnmower Lager (108 Fave) that has just enough hops at 38 IBU’s to give it a nice flavor.  If you wanna get crazy, try their Dry Schwarz which is a black lager that has all the flavors of a great stout or porter but not as heavy.  It is another 108 Fave.  We got a chance to taste the new Oktoberfest which goes down crazy smooth and get’s ya feeling like you need to dance around.  More on that later….

The tailgate was bumping with good friends of the 108 #AlohaMr.Hand and #WallyMoney stopped by.  So did PC Johnny and his lovey wife.  Quite the crew drinking on a Thursday.  Brats were awesome, as always, and the boys from Baderbrau took good care of us.

One word about the game – Moncada. Tied the game in 9th with a home run and then won it in the 11th with a walk off single.  Maybe it was the full belly or all the great beers, but these are the games that make this rebuild fun.  Hell, this series of games.  You see the flashes of what it will be like for years to come.  It’s gonna be fun, buy in now folks!

Friday – Royals Game 1 / Baderbrau Pre-Game

Fridays are our big night, always have been, always will be. This Friday, riding a 3 game win streak and the nice 48 can donation from Baderbrau, was no different.  ‘Loaf loaded the cooler in the AM.  Little Miss Shortstop and I picked up the cases in the afternoon, and we were ready to get down to drinking.  Was a brisk evening, great for drinking the Oktoberfest brew, and drink we did.  Jesus.

Not sure when we made it to the game, but were were feeling no pain.  The drinking continued and we even kept it going after the Sox won their 4th in a row at Chi Sox.  The whole crew was there (minus Slumpbuster) including #WallyMoney.  We had some surprise guests too! @dirrty862 and her man were there, @ColinJPrinsen swung by too! Pretty sure more people came by, but guess what?  WE WERE HAMMERED.  Like, really hammered.  I remember thinking I hope this game goes long cause I have a bunch of Modelo to drink before we leave.  Which I did, like a champ.


Sox win their 4th in a row and we celebrated with the delish maple wings.  In ChiSox, for 15 minutes after the game, the kitchen is open.  So you better get there quick.  Our love of maple wings runs deep, and thanks to #WallyMoney we all had some.  And 24oz Pacificos. Which are a motherfucker.  Holy hell we drank a bunch. Sox Win + We Got Hammered = Friday Night.



Saturday – Royals Game 2 / We Got The Band Back Together

Saturday is always a crapshoot, but with the Indiana boys at full strength we knew it would be trouble.  I was on the fence as I was sick AF but as I kept pushing myself through the day, I decided to make the trip.  The Sox gave away some sweet hats too, with a legit snapback, not this velcro shit.  Even large headed Classy Tom could fit his dome in that bad boy.  So cheers!

The Baderbrau was flowing and we were back for round two.  Melky was out in right again, which was awesome, cause he is awesome.  What wasn’t awesome was when he beat us with a 2 run homer.  That killed our streak and broke Chorizy’s heart.  #Leche #NeverForget

We headed down to the Craft Kave before the end of the game, drank some delish beer and then headed back to BeefLoaf’s Patio to drink more.  Somehow Chorizy dialed an Uber while sleeping and was picked up quickly.  He was pretty sleepy, so glad he made it home safe.  ‘Loaf and I chatted till 1:30 in the am, and I walked home. We solved the world’s problems over great Baderbrau beer, and that is how it should be.  We can’t remember the solutions, but whatevs.


Sunday – Royals Game 3 / MSS M.I.A.

So many of you might have seen our “Sunday Soak” Sponsored By Baderbrau episode and know that I was M.I.A. (and not the rapper).  If you didn’t see that episode, watch it here and follow us on FB.  It is quite hilarious and well done by the bros.

I am actually not a midwife, but my sister’s family became 4 that day as they welcomed in a new boy, sure to be a Sox fan, named Beckham.  Not a day will go by that I won’t think of Bacon when I see my nephew.  The hunt is on for a kids jersey with Beckham on it, just so you all know.

So after 5 hours of shitty sleep (sick and booze) I loaded up the family Kia and headed north of Milwaukee to distract my nephew while his folks enjoyed the whole birthing experience.  So that was cool.

Game left alot to be desired, I hear anyways, but it was a good weekend had by all.  Can’t wait to do it again.


Shit You Should Know / Pencil This In

Badergate At The Park – Elvis Night! 

Date: August 25th

Location : TBD (But usually Lot E)

Time: 4pm

What: Free Baderbrau beer.  Free Baderbrau food.  Free swag from the 108 boys. Do you need any other reasons to come get drunk on Friday night?  Be there or be square.

Fill The 108 Night! MSS Turns 40! Star Wars Night 

Date: August 26th

Location : Section 108 / $20 Tickets

Time: 6pm

What: My Sox Summer is turning 40 on Aug 20th, but we won’t celebrate till the 26th.  We have 30 plus tickets bought already for our friends and family, let’s buy even more.  MSS would suggest you get them at the box office to save on fees and get there early to get the bobblehead.  If you don’t want that bobblehead give it to MSS.  Ha.  We promise to be drunk AF and we will go live a few times.  Have fun in a full 108! We might have to get an extra Modelo vendor that night to handle all the requests.




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