The 5 – Coldest Games

It’s your buddy BeefLoaf with a post in honor of this Friday night’s first weekend home game which is currently sporting an estimated game time temp of 36 degrees.  Here are the the 5 coldest games we have attended.


5. Saturday, April 9, 2016, Sox v Tribe, 7-3 Sox win, Gametime temp 32 degrees – This was the Saturday after the home opener, it was the winter hat giveaway game AND, the Sox had to close the upper deck because the ramps were covered in ice.  Lastly, the 108ers, cold and liquored up, brought a sign to welcome Jason Benetti, which wasn’t acknowledged until this past offseason.  We (Chorizy-E, BeefLoaf, MySoxSummer, Biguns, Slumpbuster, El Chapo, Juggalo Josh) made it 7 innings before retiring to ChiSox bar to have maple wings and warm up.  This was also the game where we fell in love with Matt Albers aka El Nino…….it was a short and tumultous romance.


4. Monday April 2nd, 2013, Sox v Royals, 1-0 Sox win, Gametime temp 39 degrees – The crew was spread out all over the place, in fact, despite partying pregame we really only met up late in the game for Slumpbuster to tell me that he saw Polish w/Extra Onions earlier in the game and he was “highly intoxicated”.  Numerous people bought sundry purchases to keep warm during the game.  It was a mess, but Tyler Flowers HR was the lone run and the Sox won the opener, one of 63 wins that year.  Ugh.


3. Saturday, May 9th, 2015, Sox v Reds, GM1 Reds 10 Sox 4, GM2 Sox 8 Reds 2, Gametime temp 59 degrees – I know, I know, 59 degrees for the gametime temp, and we were dressed for a game with 60 degree weather, but guess what, the temp dipped to the low 40’s by the middle of the first game and we froze our proverbial arses off.  MySoxSummer, BeefLoaf and Chorizy-E even went to the former Miller Lite bar, currently the Modelo bar, never mind that you can’t see shit from this bar, we were cold.  We eventually warmed up and get our act together to get back out there and watch Carlos Rodon be wonderful in game two of the double header.  It was a good rally, but we should’ve planned better.


2. Thursday, April 26th, 2012, Sox v Red Sox, 10-3 Red Sox Win, Gametime temp 39 degrees – It was BeefLoaf and Mrs. BeefLoaf only at this game, we were entertaining some friends and colleagues from Mrs. BeefLoaf’s job.  Anywho, this game was also the first Philip Humber start after the perfect game in Seattle………….he got crushed, and the Sox lost big.  More importantly, the wind was howling like a mutherfucker and we were all freezing………now, me, BeefLoaf, as the resident season ticket holder, I have to pretend to have giant balls and not be cold………so the outer Loaf was nice and warm, the inner Loaf’s teeth were chattering and he was shivering…………..LUCKILY, some of the ladies in the group decided the weather was too much and that we should leave.  THANK GOODNESS!


1. Saturday, April 7th, 2007, Sox v Twinks, 3-0 Sox win, Gametime temp 31 degrees – It wasn’t bad enough that the game time temp was 31, but we (Chorizy-E, BeefLoaf, Polish w/Extra Onions and PC Jonny) decided to sit in the outside section of the bullpen bar………..about 8 seconds into our arrival, Polish w/Extra Onions, trying to navigate some new gloves, spills beer #1 all over the table and all of us, yes, we get beer wet 12 seconds into the game, so you know how enjoyable that can be especially when the temp is below freezing.


– BeefLoaf

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